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To become an affilate, please leave a message in the guest book
with your web site url/link asking to be an affilate.
Your web site will be reviewed.

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The Links On The Affiliates Page Are All Web Sites I, MCtheGirL Support.
Either your site is listed because your content is awesome and you're really good at what you do,
or we have been really good friends for a long time and in the past(or possibly in the now)
you have made lovely things or been very suportive to those who are good at what they do.

1. Your Web Site Can Not Contain Illegal Material Of Any Kind,
(Being Illegal in your regon or with in the United States/USA.
2. Your Web Site Must Be Safe For Ages 13 And Older,
(or prevent children from accessing your adult section).
3. Your Web Site Can NOT Contain Porn Of Any Kind,
(visible niples or other parts other than baby buttoms).
4. Your Web Site Must Be About Design, HTML, Helping Others Or Anime,
(Design includes food, photography, and pretty much art of any kind.)
5. You Can Only Submit One Web Site To Be Your Main Site,
(Submiting Sub Sites is aloud, though must be listed as a sub site).

Notice: You can submit mutiple sub sites.

Quick Note!
Button/Banner Must Be No Larger Than 100px by 65px! 88 by 31 Preferred.

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