About M.C.

What is MCtheGirL.com About? Too Many Things~

Design ~ Graphic Design, Web Design, etc.
Code? ~ HTML, html5, CSS, CSS3 Animation, php forms, etc.
Photo? ~ Photography, Digital Editing, Banners, Animations, etc.
Art? ~ Poetry, Lyrics, Short Stories, Digital & Hand Made Drawings, etc.
Stories? ~ Vampire Maiden, Seven Cursed Days, Horror, Gore, Adventure, etc.
Anime? ~ Listings To Watch Online, Listing of Reviews, UrIntaWa?, etc.

About M.C. the GirL, The Real Person

MCtheGirL-Photo Name: Melissa M. Carlisle *Web Site Owner & Manager
DOB: 03/22/1991 *Current Age 22
Sign: Aries *Chinese Astrollogy
Area: CA, USA *92129 in San Diego

Likes: Design, Art, Nature, Technology, Animals, Friends, Food, Existing, etc.
DisLikes: Technology, Pointless Fighting, Poachers, Pain, Allergies, etc.
Favorite Food: Veggie Tacos, Cheese Stuffed JalapeƱos, Cookies, Frozen Yogurt, etc.
Favorite Drinks: Mango Iced Tea, RootBearSoda, Carmel Frappuccino, Pure Water, etc.
Favrotie Activities: Relaxing, Organizing, Chilling with friends, Drawing, Photography, etc.
DisLiked Activites: Code Editing, Cleaning Messess of Others, Being On Stage >_< etc.