Hearts Melt N Burn

Can't, They Mix?
Let Love Die, Won't Love, Again?
Fire Melts the Frozen Soul,
yet Tears Burn What's Left of Warmth.
Love and Hate, Sorrow and Kindness,
is what brings- dreams of horror.
Life in the Light while Living in Darkness,
all reality vaporizes-
Fly away with invisible wings,
while death is part of life
and life is full of ashes.
In the end you neither melt nor burn;
ashes to ashes, you fly without wings~
Little Girl's Dreams of Horror.

What If- Sort of Way

Sad or Happy, won't you pick?
Adults and children, they have this tick
Never less, always more
What they have, isn't enough
What they want, isn't what they have
Ever wonder, what if-
in a different sort of way?
What if you were rich-
Would that turn you, into a bitch?
What if you were thin, not fat-
would you like being so thin,
if you were starving to death?
People, please- Can't you see the horror?
Life is to be lived. You bought your life-
while others were stolen and many were sold.
Just as love and sorrow circle to hatred-
Greed and death, come hand in hand.
Could you, would you, even dare-
To think, What if...
In a Different, sort of way.

Judge Only The Judging; Or None

If not to see, yet to believe is to be-
Then what is life conpaired to myth?
As perception changes, so does each will.
With each and every mind never being the same-
Then how could one blame...
Such confustion, on only one-
While none are the same?
Which makes them indifferent-
So who is to judge..?
When the one with power-
Is the one to be judged.
How can one believe and none others see?
If none see the same...
Does that mean anyone could even be sane?
If the judging are to be judged-
Does that not mean all are to be blamed?

Yeah, I'm a witch.
I ride a shovel,
not a broom!