Name: Becka Ger Youth Evil Witch - Transformer

Hair Color: Brown.
She has dark, brown, braided pig tails that's are short and stop just past her shoulders.
(There are two braids on both sides of her head, there being four in total)
She has a single bun at the top and center of her head shaped in a heart.

Eye Color: Brown.
She has big, brown eyes with a golden ring around the pupil and spikes of gold flowing into the color. She has glasses with, oval, red frames.

Clothing: She wears a dress and black flowered, silk dress with long sleeves and a part that shows cleavage. The collar of the dress is high and her neck is tall.

Info. She is the one who cast the stand still spell and leaves traces of candy crust behind every where she goes. She believes herself to be an angel of haven, who protects the earth by tormenting bad people and sending them to the fiery pits of hell. She can transform from a into witch into a wolf, a panther and an eagle.