Chris Mochi

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Name? First, Chris. Last, Mochi.
Race? America/Indian
True/Natrual Hair Color? Strawberry Blonde,
Mostly dark brown with a cross between blonde and maroon highlights.
True/Natrual Eye Color? Dark Blue, almost black.
Gay/Bi? He presents himself as stright and thinks he is stright.
Chris Mochi is semi gay.. barely bi, though mostly sreight. Not gay.
Dated A Male? Dr. Perchilli appears to be female and wants to be female.
Dr. Perchilli is male, though Chris loves 'her' anyway.
Maiden Hater? No, he's not. He simply doesn't like that they might know...
About him liking girlie things, such as china dalls, eventhough he obviously wears make-up.
Job? Just a butler- Nothing huge for money income other than his sales on ebay.
China Dalls? Chris collects, creates/designs, makes sales online and buys china dalls.

Chris Butler

He is 28 years old.

Blue Hair - spiked - red tips
Blue Eyes - red contacts
Red-ish skin with blue tint
Three Hoops(earings)[big] on Left ear.
Thee spiked studs in right ear.

Always nice to Miss Melloney, but nasty to Maidens.
He is the only one who is mean to Marie Oriano.

Loves sports:
Foot ball, base ball, basket ball, socker.

Secretly, he collects china dalls behind a book case in his closet.