Dean Covent Butler

He is 25 years old.

Short white hair
Light Green Eyes
Peach skin

Really Nice Guy
Likes Bugs
Collects Bugs

Used to hunt deamons with the Covent family.
Is now a vampire and is what he used to hunt.

Dean's Life Story

Dean started off as a sub normal child. He had that one odd friend who was a book worm and a crush on a cute girl who would never date him. He loved showing his bug colecction off in boy scouts, but all the other boys laughed and told him it was lame. While growing up in school, kids teesed him and he got bullied a lot.

Dean was always scared of monsteres in his closet, so his father would come in ever night salt up the closted and shoot it up several times. He thought his dad was nuts, but at least he felt safe. When Dean was about ten years old, his father tout him how to shoot. He wasn't a very good shot, but he got the job done. His foather thought he was good enough with a gun for only being a ten year old boy. Still, Dean was better off with a hunting knife. He handled it well, cut himself a few times, but not too deep. By the age twelve, Dean was a regual with all sorts of knives. He could throw one in shallow water and ketch a fish. He could peal grapes with out looking. Throwing knives thirty feet was his limit with accuratcy. He could through a knife fifty feet, but the chance of the knife hitting the target was slim.

In high school, Dean seemed to be a total cast out. But in Dean's mind, he was the king of the school. Sure, he couldn't get a chearleader to look him in the eyes or remember his name, but he was leader of the chess team, got straight (A)s, continued winning the school spelling be three times in a row and he had a huge bug collection. He thought he had it made.

One day, Dean's dad decided it was time to take him on a family hunting trip and that Dean was now old enough to join rather than stay at home with a baby sister. He was now sixteen and armed with a Knife set, having no clue what his dad ment by demons in the forest, he figured it was some really big wolves and giant bares. He never would have guessed that his dad wasn't actually nuts. While in the forest, after pitching the tent, his older brother Jhon told Dean about the monsteres that were really out there. Dean believed Jhon because he never told a lie to him, not once. Dean thought he was ready for these demons, but he didn't want to kill them. His father told him they were evil monters and that they had to be killed, each and everyone of them. Dean did not believe this. He believed that every creature, just like bugs, as ugly as they may be, they have eather a soul or feelings that can be hurt. Ether, Dean's way of thinking was, if you can feel pain, you are human.

Night fell as the campfire rose. Wolves howled from afar. They all preatened to sleap and waited to be attacked, using themselves as bait. The night was long, dark and cold. All Dean could think about was all the different kind of bugs that were waiting for him in the woods to be discovered. He got up and used the excuse that he had to pee. Jhon wanted to go with Dean, but thier father told Jhon to let him go alone. His father had faith in Dean, that wouldn't go far and if he were to be attacked he'd handle it or call for help.

Dean went off into the forest, not to go pee, but to look for bugs. He wondered off so deep, he ended up getting lost. He heard soemone behind him and he ran and fell over small clif. When he woke up, he was in a candle lit cave. A girl who looked like she was in her twenties handed him an ice pack and asked if he was ok. He liked this girl's looks, it was love at first sight, even though he was only sixteen, he didn't care because he could feel it in his heart that they were ment to be together.

They heard his dad and brother yelling for him in the distance and she told him to run towards them and not come back. Dean asked why, she said because she was a vampire. He asked for her name, it was Niko Edigawa. Dean kissed her on the lips and she knew his feelings for her. She told him to come back to her when he was older. He prommised he would.

His father asked where he had been, Dean told him the truth that we went looking for bugs, but left out the part where he met Niko, a vampire. His father yelled at him till sun rise. In the morning, wolves attacked and killed his father. Jhon got dragged away, but his death was never confermed. Niko covered herself in rags and swooped in to save Dean at the very last moments.

Once night fall, Niko dropped Dean off at a police station for his grandparents to come and pick him up. He never wanted to become a hunter, he never officially was a hunter and he never will be a hunter, that's how Dean felt about it. He still was mad at the wolves for killing his father and taking his brother Jhon alive. So while at his granparents, he studdied with them in the day about demons and all sorts of monsters, but mostly how to track and kill wolves. He hadn't seen Niko for a good five years while living with his grandparents and finishing school. Once he turned twenty one years old, Dean attented a night class for college and some how found Niko by fate. She was taking the english class he was. They have been dating secretly ever sence.

At the age twenty two, Dean had finished college or got enough of it done any way to become a butler like is great grandfather Heanry Covent, who was secretly a hunter. He wanted to be just like him, but even better and brake the rules. He wanted to be with a vampire, serves the princess and do reserch on the side. He planned to do even more and still manage a still life, appearance for humans to see. Niko moved in with James to the East of the castle where Dean now lived. Dean, at first was jelloious, but then he learned that James was a witch and Niko was his student. It was a teacher, student relationship, nothing more, but friends. Dean was glad to find out this information and Niko was happy that she had found love. James ws excited that he had found help and that was good for Dean because he could get information from them about demons passing by. He only got the information from James though, he freard that if Niko found out that he used to be a hunter or was still researching demons, that she fear him and run away.