Name: Emily

DOB: 9/03/1991

Creation Date: March 22, 2011

Hey There! My name's Emily! I'm a graphic designer, book worm, and total youtube nut. I love watching youtube videos and using my account EmilyEmilyEmily3 to show off my art work. I am usually pretty shy and silent. I can seem like a total loner, but once you get to know me I am a real air head and a total disaster. I love the band Chipmonks Of Destruction and Kakimi Digital. I am not a normal person, that's for sure. My mom is a nurse who works late hours every night and my dad is a drunk, but I don't live with them anymore. I have a studio apartment and I live all by my self, no pets allowed.

I love animals. My favorite has got to be cats. Why? They are just so fuzzy and huggable! They are so cute and lovable. I love cats. I am not much of a dog person, though I am ok with them. The neighbors have these yappy dogs that bark so often. They keep me up at night and when they don't keep me up, they wake me up. I'm really just not a dog person.

My favorite colors are black, purple and blue. I like the dark, but I like there to be soft lighting in a room when I am editing an image or reading a book. I also like strobe lights, but they sometimes give me head aches. I loves lazier lights. I like to use laziers to play with the ally cats down the street from my apartment. They seem to love it, so why not?!