Name: Gretchen

DOB: Un Known

Age: Un Known

Creation Date: 07/20/2011

Hair Color: Mixed colors/rainbow,
light purple, light blue, light yellow, light green, and light pink.

BIO: Gretchen is a monster who feeds off of engergy. She inflicks agony on her victoms and feeds off of their pain and screems. She looks like a human child, no older than twelve years old. She has pale green eyes and light, colorful hair. Her skin is pale like paper and she never goes in the sun light, but she can withsand it. She enjoys classical music only and is atracted to bright lights and hard beating drums. She runs away from laghter and can not stand the sounds of happiness.

Gretchen is not a charcter of the book Vampire Maiden, she is just one of the monsters who they happen to run in to on and off. She maybe considard a character to many, though the author classifies her as one of the monsters, not a character. She is one of the monsters that re-appear often, so that is why she may be highly considard a character and is listed in the charcater data base.