The Hallo Clan & Swyn Hawks - Wolves

We wolves protect our clan from outsiders and we're always on the look out for spys from other clans coming into our habitat. The East of the woods belong to us, the west of the woods belong to the Poghalks Clan of Wolves. Those Poghowks are a mess, rude and inconsiderate of others. I could just tear them all apart, but we Hallo Wolves are much more calm and intune with nature. Poghalks are agrisive and polute the world, driving trucks around that leak oil and then some.

They call hall themselves the Swyn Hawlks, because the devower like pigs and are quick like hawks. The swoop out from no where and steal from anyone on the road. They don't care if you're a little girl or an old grandma. They'll take your money and what ever you got. We call them the Poghowks, it's more of an insult to them and their clan that way. We Hallos hate the Swyn Hawlks because of their rude and intoleratable behavor.

The Hallo clan is calm and a peaceful place. There is usually no fighting or arguing and evertything gets done in a timely matter. If there ever is a fight that must go on, it is held in the spot of the woods where trees refues to grow. Miss Melloney is our princess of whome we protect, she doesn't know we exisit. We have lieved here in the woods for decades and protectered her mother of royle blood and her grandmother as well. Mollony, Miss Melloneys Mother, was are salvation.

We all used to be one group, called the Harmoney clan. A clan with wolves and vampires alike who cared for each other. Everyone thought it would last forget, but no. The Swyn Hawks seporated from the group and delcared war. We won of course, but it made everyone seperate from us as well. Molloney, she is the one who started the Hallo Clan. SHe bout peace and stabillity back to the wolves.