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My First Character that I ever made public, was named after myself. Melissa Carlisle aka: M.C. She is almost exactly like me. She loves almost every kind of anime out there. She is an animal and nature lover. Though, she's popular, has wisdom of more than fifty women and loves to cook more than myself. She's a computer programer, web designer and so much more.

My second Character that I ever made public, was named Mike Sinoi, but he prefure's to be called Miki. That's Mike ee, not mic ee. lol He is a total nerd. You also might say he's odd. He loves computers and anything eltectronic. He has a soft spot for nature in his heart but he's a skater boy. What does he do? He make syoutube videos and mostly just lays around at the park. He studdies every night doing math and other stuff invalling the computer. He's one smart cookie!

My favorite character has got to be Hanna. Her full name is Hanna Maire Oriano, but she goes by Maire. She's half vampire and part witch. She's also part human, so never forget that she's kind. She's absolutly hate's blind jokes because she is blind and she gets aroudn just fine on her own. She is young, mature, out going, proper, yet different in her own way. SHe writes in her diary almost every night and loves to read even though she can't! She was born blind, but she has this cool app on her cell phone that reads books out loud to her.

How did she become part witch and half vampite? He mother was human and her father was a vampire. Both her parents killed each other on her 13th bithday. Her grand mother on her mom's side took her in and when she was abotu 17 she found out her grand mother was a witch! He whole life is complex.

She grew up in New York. Now she's moved to Glasgow, Montana to become a maiden in Miss Meloney's Castle and is trying to escape her horrid past, but some how it finds her and drags her down int he dirt. Though, with being th ehigh spirited girl she is, Hanna strives to bring peace to the world of magic and earth.

My second favorite character has got to be Emily Chrtistan! Why? Because she's an emo girl who believes in GOD, goes to church and is did I mention she is EMO?! lol Emily is just very boubly, she is shy, but out going. She has black hair with purple high lights and I like her hair cut a lot. I aboslutly love her personallity how she can be so quiet and then sudently jump out of no where and just start talking. She's so out there, but so hidden at the same time, it's crazy!

Emily is Marie's best firned and also happend to be a wtich, not part witch or part vampire or anything like that, she is full on witch. Think about it... An emo girl, who is a witch, who believes n GOD, who is a prestiest at the church in Monthana and New York?! What the Hell?! Anyways, I just had to put that out there.

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