Name: Joe Hicks - Detective

A famous detective in New York, Joe Hicks.
He has salved every crime he has ever been offered, around the world.
Joe is a different type of detective. All he ever eats is salad and rice,
no sweats, no meat, nothing else. All he ever drinks is tea and coffee.
That's it. He is one odd fellow. It has been said that he once had the
hick ups through an entire case and still hasn't got rid of them to this day.
That's why his last name was changed to Hicks, but no one knows is real,
original last name. Joe Hicks, what an odd fellow.

He likes things old fashioned, with a touch of technology here and there.
He's not old fashioned himself, he just fancy's the style and wears and old coat.
His assistant's name is Jake Rucardo, a young spanish boy in his early twenties.