Name: Kitty - Cat Demon Girl

Hair color: Coton Candy Pink

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Ear Color: White

Hi, um... my name is Kitty please don't call me anything else? Thank you!
I like to play with yarn, cleaning is my hobby, and listening to music I do often.
I like to play with mice, but I don't hurt them. I love cats and I fear dogs.
I'm a huge people person, I get along with just about anyone and everyone.

Kitty's Life Story

Kitty was born into a cat demon clan known as Mittins. She was born to small and most believed she would never servieve in the clan because she was small and there wasn't enough milk to go around. So they crarried her off to a childrens school as an infant with cat ears and a cat tail hoping some human would would be kind enough to take in a demon cat baby. It rained for severel hours as little Kitty cries were swept away by the wind. No one could hear her, no one even noticed her covered in a pink blanket. She was cold and wet through out the night and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning the school opened and one of the girlls had lost their baby dolls. The girl forund kitty by the gate and picked her up saying calling her My Kitty Doll. She played with Kitty for all through out snack time and then when snack time was over, the girl took left Kitty on the bench inside the scholl grounds.

Later that afternoon around lunch time, Kitty was crying again, this time all the children heard her and they all came running, so did the teacher. When the teacher picked her up, she found a long white tail and fluffy cat ears to her amusement. Kitty had a fully head of pink hair and so the teacher thought it was some kind of doll at first, but then Kitty peed and it went all over the teacher. She desiced it had to be a human childed that was mutated. So she called a social worker to come and get her.

Kitty was then put into an indoor only inviernment for severl years while growing up so no scintist could take her away and abuse her with experiments in the name of science. She grew up thinking she was normal, around all other kids who were mutated or missing an arm or a leg. Kitty felt at home in the orfanage for the longest time.

When she turned fifteen, she was to go to a normal highschool, a public high school. Kitty then learned that she was different. She found out that she was from a clan called Mittins by asking around the school. Turns out, some of the most successful students parents had a Mittins Cat Demon as a pet, and those who were their master lived happy lives. Kitty was glad to hear this, all she had to do was find a master, but who she wondered. She knew she had to finish school and she did.

Kitty never got a good enough paying job and lived on the streets until the cops arested her for solisitating. When she was finally set free, a nice officer dropped her off at a homless shelter. She lived there and went from shelter to shelter. When she was about twenty three years old, she found an add in the paper for Maiden who wouldn't ask questions and would just do her job, but also be willing to serve the princess and go through many test of sicurity. Kitty found this job intereesting, she thought that this pincess could be her new master.

When she got there, the princess Miss Melloney did not want to be Kitty's master, she just wanted her to be her maiden and clean. She told her to find a master some where in the castle and that's just what Kitty did. She became connected to Marie and Maire felt content with Kitty being arround her. Now they live together in Miss Melloney's Castle.