Miss Melloney Jackson

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Miss/Melloney? Melloney is the princess and her name is pronunced, "mel-lon-ee"
Melloney, is actually the princess's midle name and her first name is "Miss"
-Yet her middle name is also the first name of her mother.
Though, her mothers first name Melloney, is pronounced, "Meh-lone-ee"
Age? She ages threw the chapters and with in each book.
The age she starts off as is 16 years of age in 2011.
She is what? A Princess. A Magic User, Gaurdian of Harmon.
A Werewolf, being the ruler/peace keeper of the clans.

Name: Miss Melloney Jackson

DOB: 04/19/1995

Creation Date: March 22, 2011

Hi, my name is Melloney Jackson. I'm a princess and I have royal blood. I may look all preppy most of the time, but I'm a total preppy gothic girl if you will. Preppy and Goth don't mix, you say? Oh yes they do! My throne is a deep charcoal with spikes which is gothic and my gown is white with beads dripping down all over it which is totally preppy. Oh yeah, I got you there! See, they do mix, you just have to know how to mix them well. I usually wear my blue jean dress on in town or my pink and yellow, frilly flower dress.

I'm kindhearted, I love animald and I always want to help others in need. I feel that work is important and I work every day filling our paper work and handling requests in Glasgow, Montana. I am not too famious, just rich. I have a maiden and Seven butlers that work for me. I seem to have an extra butler named Micheal some how, he shows up from time to time. He knew my mother some how bfore she got married he says, and he said she had royal blood even though my dad found her in pverty. I don't understand it much, but to know that I am of pure royal blood, that makes me happy.

My friends are awlays there for me. They are the butlers and that I have and the maidens that work for me. You see, I never did go tot schoool, so I don't knwo what being a normal girl is like nor did I ever get the chance to make friends. So I'd be at a total loss if it wernt for them. Kitty is one of the maidens, she is one of my best girl friends in the castle. Actually she is the only girl other than Maire and myself.