Name: Mike Sinoi

DOB: 10/13/1991

Creation Date: March 22, 2008

My name is Mike, but you can call me Miki! I absolutely love rawmen and I think anime is awesome. I enjoy playing basket ball and rolling down grassy hills till I can no longer get back up. I am a computer freak. Math is the love of my life, the only thing I could possibly love more is my imagination. My favorite color is orange. I think that browns, greens and blacks compliment my eyes beautifully.

In the early mornings I hang out at Starbucks on Black Mountain Road. There's nothing better on a sour morning than a hot cup of joe with extra cream and sugar. My friends Michael Schmidt, Mike Buckingham and myself, we all meet at Startbucks in the morning. Mike and I take the bus together to get to Palormar college where we study our brains out. My sister sometimes take bus with us too, but she usually does her school work all online.

My best friend is MCtheGirL. We do everything together. From eating breakfast, brushing out teeth, doing home work, going on walks, going to school, taking bus... heck! We even share the same bedroom. Though, I sleep in the closet! I would never sleep in the same bed as my sister, that would just be odder that odd. We are really cousins, but we act like brother and sister.