Niko Edigawa

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Niko? Her name is not spelled wrong. Niko, not Neko!
Midle name, Ombre? Synonyms: Shadow, Shade, Umbra, Ghost.
Her name is pronounced, "Neek-O" and has nothing to do with cats.
Age? No One Knows Niko's True Age, Not even Niko, herself.
Niko's birth & Original Home? Born cursed, as part demon.
She was originally born in an isolated village.
Was Hated? Even with her kind soul,
Niko was an outcast at age three for simply being different.
Having white hair, pale skin along with pale baby blue eyes
and everyone else having both dark hair and skin.
The villagers believed her to be a cure upon the village.
Fear of Mother? Her own birth mother died, while trying to kill her.
No Home? She moved from mulltiple vilages and was adopted by multiple
familes, thus having multiple different experiances with siblings, parents, etc.
Niko, a vampire? She was turned. She was cursed by a witch
and transformed into a child all over again and human..
After she grew-up back into the age she was turned at,
she transformed back into a vampire again.

Name: Niko Ombre Edigawa

Niko Edigawa The Witch's Helper


Spiked magenta hair
golden eyes
pale white skin

Niko's Life Story

Niko wasn't always a vampire, she was once human and human she was for a very long and difficult time. One night Niko wished uopn a star that her parents would stop fighting. As far back as she could remember to the age three that she was now, her parents would always fight, day and night. She was not the average littler girl.

The neighbores said she curesed her family by being born. Her parents were black with brown hair and brown eyes, so where all the neighbores. She was pale girl with unusual white hair and baby blue eyes. She was hated and not alowed to play with the other children. He friend told her, that her mother told her that Niko's parents always fight because she was born. Niko was heart broken when she heard this from her only friend. Niko was always a happy girl and then when they all saw her crying one day because of what she heard, they all believed the curse was getting worse and that she was a demon who was now going to bring pain to this village.

Niko's friend's mom told her that she couldn't play with Niko anymore. She went ans told Niko this and then the friends mother hollered at her to come back inside. Niko cried more and more. Then Niko's dad told her to go up stairs to her to her bed room and she did. She stayed there all afternoon watching the children play with out her. Once the mothers noticed she was watching them through the window, they yelled at Niko, calling her a freak and then they had all their children go back in side.

That night, Niko's parents were fighting. She saw a shooting star and she wished that they would stop fighting. She cried herself to sleep. The next morning she found her father dead in the kitchen, her mother had stabbed him to death. Her mother then tired to kill her to and she ran through out the house knocking over a lit candle in the bathroom. Niko ran upstairs into her room and hid. Her mother fallowed, not noticed the fire in the bathroom. By the time her mother found her, the fire had taken over the whole first floor and the only exit was the window in Nikos room. The window was only big enough for Niko to crawl through. Her mother tried to stabbed her as Niko ran to the window. She jumpped for it and fell down many feet, hitting hard ground and rolled down a grassy hill. Her mother tried to throw the knife as Niko looked back up at the window, it almost hit her but Niko lost her balance and rolled out of the knife's way.

She ran to an other village, but to do so she had to travel through the woods and fight off many wolves and bares. Once she got to the village, a hunter took her in. He kept her around to do house work. Once she turned eighteen she was aloud to date. She dated all kinds of men, but when she turned twenty tree, she dated the wrong man. He happened to be a vampire. He rapped her and then her turned her into a vampire by biting her on the neck.

Niko was twenty three when she died. After coming back to life, she realised that the hunter she was lving with was no better than her father. They were both drunks, she hated drunks. So she ran away.

Niko went back into the woods, only to get a spell cast on her by an evil witch. She was now seven years old and she would gorw like a normal child until she was twenty three again, then the spell would ware off.

She was seven and got adopted by two lesbian girls, who were very nice. She loved them very much. One day one of them drowned in a lake and then the other couldn't live with out the other so she commited suicide. Later on when she was twelve, Niko's grandmother and grandfather trackered her down. They thought she should be a lot older, but they didn't care to ask. When she turned fourteen, the both died of cancer.

So she was fourteen and had tried living with others, but it didn't work out. So she decided she would live alone and in the woods. She did this for about six moths and barely servide it. A nice man named James came to her rescue. He took her to his cave where he lives and he cared for her until the spell wore off. Once she was a vampire again, she left and went off into the woods to try and live on her own.

Niko ravelled to California and stayed there for about three years. She was living in the woods up north. One night she found a boy who had fallen off a small cliff. She recued him and he fell in love with her, she also fell in love with him, but he was sixtheen and she was twently three forever, a vampire no less. She then released him back to his family.

Later the next day she over heared soem wolves attaching some men in the woods, she was worried that that same boy was with them. She covered herself in sheets to mask herself from the morning sun rise and and then headed out to see what all the comotion was. She found him surrounded and the other men dead. She swooped in, grabbed him and ran back to her cave fast enough to loose the wolves.

The next night, Niko left him at a police station feeling weak from being near the sun that morning. She couldn't keep him around her because of her thirst for blood was still to strong and she couldnt quit control it. She was sad to leave him, but she did, hoping one day she would see him again. Niko got her GED and took night classess for college for about seven years. One of the two last years she was there, she met Dean. She was so happy she had found him again. When he finished his digree, she settled for a leesser digree and moved to Montana with him, which was good becase James already lived there.

Niko became Jame's student and called him master. She dated Dean secretly, but let James know. She had a bit of a dificult past, but it wasn't all that bad, she did make a good friend and found true love.