Name: Hance Yin Perchilli - Docoter

Age: 26

Hair Color: Red, stopped just before shoulders.
Eye Color: Green, with a Golden ring around the pupal.
Skin Color: Brown, dark tan - chocolate.

Dr. Perchilli's Life Story

The yong doctoer's family is more interesting than his own. They lived a life for years, serving the vampire kind because they them selves were humans infused with the vampire DNA. It did nothing to them as for walking in brod day light was easy and they had no need to drink blood. The DNA was passed down from generation to generation. They were solected to protect and take care of the Pure Harts. Pure Harts was a vampire clan made of vampires who could go into the sun light. The Pure Harts never drank blood, they relied on their DNA buddies to supply them with iorn supliments which they mixed and drank with water.

Back in world wor two, the Pure Harts had their own batle going on with the Night Walkers. The Pure Hearts lost because they were weak. The Night Walkers took over as the supirior vampire race. Sense then, all the Pure Harts have died off, but their DNA Humans are still living and spreading the jean. Dr. Perchilli is a DNA Human, so is his father, mother and all his realitives.

Dr. Perchilli acts like a female because he is gay. He went to high school and got teesed for it lots of times. He grew up knowing he was gay, but some of his friends were gay didn't know they were gay until college, which frustereated Perchilli. He took many different kinds of college classes, those of which he did not need. He also magered in human science, but didn't get his digree a year after he was supposed to do to all his talk in class about the vampire jean, which they thought was non existant.