Rita Rhun Vullet

Name: Rita Rhun Vullet
-Witch / Demon Fighter

Power: Electricity Control

Status - Single

Dark Brown Hair +Red Highlights
Hazel Eyes

Weather: 74 temp with a small breeze
Snack: Pocky, flavors 'chocolate & strawberry'
Food: Honey Bread Rolls stuffed with Beef
Hot Drink: Mocha Late` with extra foam
Cold Drink: Raspberry Tea with Boba
Sweets: Coffee Ice Cream

Weather: 80 temp. & humidity of 35% &Up
Snack: Chips.
Food: Anything Sour
Hot Drink: Ginger Tea
Cold Drink: Soy Milk
Sweets: Carrot Cake & Lemmon Cake

Note From Rita,

I'm Rita. I tend to get some serious mood swings, that could be considard, split personalities. I can be nice or I can be cold as ice. I've got passion that can light up a room or burn you to ashes, so don't get on my bad side. If I'm extra nice, I'm really just drawing you in for the kill. I'm in a semmi concidarate mood, other wise I would tell you nothing and I'd just go eat some food.