Name: Robin Carlisle

DOB: 02/08/1993

Creation Date: March 22, 2011

Hi, I'm Robin Carlisle. I'm curently in college to become an operating room nurse. I live in New York on Long Island. My favorite colors are blue and pink. I studdy science, drugs, the human body, and medical facts. I'm easy going, yet very independant. I like to stick to a secdual most of the time and I'm always seeming to be running late. I love red roses and the forbidden blue rose. I believen God, but even though I like to pray evey night before bed, I think of my self as a scientific person.

I'm kind of shy and I wont raise my hand in class, but I'll wait till after the other studants leave to ask the teacher a questions. I'm not that popular, but I know that I have great legs and I have a pretty face. My mother is the second runner up for Miss America, I got my good looks from her. She is a secritary. My mom tout me how to play the piano around the age of seven and the violen around the age of ten.

I'm very smart and I think of myself as a conservative person. I love talking about medical stuff, but I absolutly hate talking about polotics because it gets me all flustard. I like to learn more every day and I believe that we never stop learning no mater how old we get. I would love to one day become the onwer of a pastry shop, even though my mother would never allow it. My father is the adverage american guy. He works at the post office and mose the lawn every Saturday. I am proud of my parents and I love them a lot.