Name: Dannyal Heath Sky - Doctor

Hair color: Black, Long past hips.
Eye Color: Deep Glossy Brown, Blind.
Skin Color: Pale, White.

He wears a long white doctor's coat with long sleeves.
Under that, he weares a long black shirt and long black pants.
Black dress shoes are the onely kind of shoes you'll ever see him wear.

Dr. Sky's Life Story

Dr. Sky doesn't have much of a story to tell. He wasn't born, he was created. The name of his creator is unknown in the first book of Vampire Miaden. He used to live a life in a village curing disseese and healing the sick. One day there was a war in the village his master allowed him to live in. His master told him to run away to an other world called Earth.

That's right, Dr. Sky is not from this world nor is he from this demention. He traveled to Earth because of war and has been here ever sense. Though, when he came to Earth, he lost his sight. His eyes glossed over from the Earths atmispher and her could no longer see anything but shadows. His hearing imporved and so did his other senses over time.

Now he works in New Work as a doctor with out a medical licence out of the back of a whitch craft store. No one ever tries to get him into any legal troubles because he always has a good answer for all their problems, an answer they always want to hear, "I Can Fix That" and just by him placing his hands on a sick person that person is no longer ill.