Vampire Maiden: Hanna Marie Oriano

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Name? First, Hanna. Middle, Marie. Last, Oriano.
Vampire? Her birth father was a vampire, there for she is too.
Vampire Genetics? Not only because her birth mother was a slayer,
yet her grandmother on her mother's side was a witch.
Her great grandmother was actually a slayer who failed to be turned completely
by vampires, so hear heart continued to beat regardless of her thirst for blood.
Birth Mother? At the time the maiden was born, her mother had been dealing with a lot of stress,
thus her heart gave out and bleed to death while giving birth.
Mother, Alive? Adopted Mother,
(Actual birth mom, turned into a homunculus), by grandmother.

Hanna was then adopted by a woman, who had married her real birth father
and also, just happened to be a slayer like her birth mom.

Name: Hanna Marie Oriano
Vampire Maiden

DOB: 06/17/1991

Creation Date: March 22, 2011

Zip Code: 59230

Hello there, I am the maiden of Miss Melloney's Castle. I moved from New York to Glasgow, Montana to become a maiden after graduating from high school. Honestly, I moved not for the money, though to escape from my past. My mother was a slayer and my father was a vampire. They killed each other on my thirteenth birthday. My grandmother took care of me and at the age sixteen I found out that I was a half vampire and my grandmother was a witch. I miss her a lot. Breast cancer took my grandmother's life away and left me in the cold after I had just turned seven teen years old.