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Story Line Info.

Just three random teenagers let loose upon the world;
spreading their chaotic love and insidious ideas,
one neighborhood at a time.

The three girls had been smuggled into America by Pedo Bear.
Loosing most of their previous memories before awkaking in the USA,
rescued by the police three months or three years later(no one knows)..
the girls were sent to Orphan High, a school and orphanage all in one.
Their home room teacher just happens to be Miss Rebel Sensei,
a nice lovely kindergartner teacher who one day snapped.. thus,
no schools other than Orphan High would except her as a teacher.
Little did they know, Pedo Bear would be back...

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Main Characters

Physical Description: French, 15 years, Dark Blue Eyes, Average/Thin,
Pale Pink Hair with cream highlights. ..usually wears a frilly two piece outfit.
Personality She's got the best of all dumb luck, though in most cases..
She's clumsy and clueless. Cotton likes to help anything and everyone,
but usually makes everything worse, yet some how it all works out for her.
Favorites: Food: Noodles, Color: Pink/orange, Animal: Poodles.
Dislikes: Food: Bubble Gum,
Persons: Pedo Boy(reason: he's not very nice).

Physical Description: Chinese female, 15 years, Blue Eyes, Thin,
Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights. ..Usually wears raggy clothes.
Personality She has a serious addiction to candy..
Always super curious, which tends to make her annoying.
Make her cry and you'll want to die.
Favorites: Food: Candy, Color: Blue/yellow, Animal: Rabbits.
Dislikes: Food: Plane White Rice,
Persons: Parents(reason: none want us).

Physical Description: Mexican female, 15 years, Green Eyes, Average, Purple Hair.
...unusually wears altered tanktops made to look like corsets, jeans and boots.
Personality She's got a sour attitude and appears to be in love with Death.
Although she appears mentally disturbed, she's the most sane one of the group.
She's usually lazy.
Favorites: Food: Tacos, Color: Purple/green, Animal: Cats.
Dislikes: Food: Anything with meat,
Persons: Social Services(reason: they won't allow us to remember).

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Plot Characters

Physical Description: White Male, 50 years, Blue Eyes, Heavy Set, Brown Hair.
...Pedo Bear just is, a pedophile who tends to dress up as a bear.
Personality: Addicted to children which to him are nothing more than toys.
1. Ketch him in the act, 2. Sent to jail, 3. Escapes/gets released, 4. Pedo Bear.
Favorites: Food: Bubble Gum, Color: Yellow/orange, Animal: Bears.
Dislikes: Food: Fish, Persons: Cherry(reason: too smart to trick).

Physical Description: White Male, 6 years, thin, blue eyes.
...usually wears a blue dress.
Personality: He's a real stickler when it comes to rules,
looks like a girl, but don't be fooled, he is male.
This brat's on his way to Prison for fools.
Favorites: Food: Lolli Pops, Color: Blue/pink, Animal: Fish.
Dislikes: Food: Sushi,
Persons: Cherry(reason: she never plays with me).

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Important Characters

Narrator: Not a huge character,
but the narrator helps keep you in the loop
when things don't make much sense...

Rebel Sansei
Job: Works at Orphan High.
Physical Description: German female, 35 years, Average, Blue Eyes,
Ash-Blonde Hair. ...usually wears a flower pattern/blue medical mask.
Personality: Was once a kindhearted and gentle kindergartner teacher...
A thief grabbed her handbag, her students were wild... one day she snapped!
She declared she'd become just as the name she was given at birth, Miss Rebel.
Now, she's appears to be a strict teacher, who punishing methods are over the top.
Though she's still kindhearted, yet you wouldn't know it
with her tough love attitude.
Favorites: Food: Sushi, Color: Blue/Silver, Animal: Cats.
Dislikes: Food: Pork, Person: Pedo Bear(reason: I'm NOT dating him!).

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