CoUgEr Crew!!!

Presented By GrayWish Comic

Just three random teenagers let loose upon the world; spreading their chaotic love and insidious ideas, one neighborhood at a time.

Come Join The CoUgEr Crew as they, protect children from Pedo Bear and foil is master plans.
Get high on the sweetest of candies and light evil on fire, while taking over the city.
Keep kids from doing drugs by showing them that sugar, caffine and lack of sleep
can give you the same experience, with out the harsh late life side effects.

CoUgEr Crew, Is is similar to...
Happy Tree Friends, Power Puff Girls & Family Guy.
Obviously, Not for children.

Stories To Come Release Date Info. URL

Awaken Pedo's Dolls

07/08/2013 @ URL

Just A Usual Skip-School Day

??? @ N/A

Candy Killer-Perpair To Die

??? @ N/A

Wa Da? CoUgEr Crew?!

??? @ N/A
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