Awaken Pedo's Dolls: Info

The shortest story of The CoUgEr Crew as a Sneek Peak Only.

Storry, Begins...

Six Year Old: Awaken Pedo's Dolls!

Cotton: What is this place?

Sugar: It's totally my world!!!

Cherry: Of Course You'd like this place Sugar, its a day care for six year olds.

Sugar: OMG!!! Let's live here for ever!!!

Cotton: *stairing eye contest with six year old*

Cherry: Where's all the staff?

Sugar: *Chews on A B C blocks* Nom, Nom, Nom..

Cotton: *Winning staring eye contest*

Six Year Old: AH!!! I give Up! Looser!!!

Cotton: How did I loose? *blinks*

Cherry: You didn't, but you just did now.

Sugar: OMG, OMG!!! *rolls around on large ball*

Cotton: Oh... I don't get it.

Six Year Old: I win!! Looser, looser, looser!!!

Cherry: why is there only one kid here?

Six Year Old: Eh, eh, ah Ha!

Cotton: *giggles*

Sugar: OMG!!! Let's Play!!!

Six Year Old: You're all mine!

Cherry: What hell?! How did we get here?!

Six Year Old: I have kidnapped you all!!!

Cotton: That's not very nice.

Sugar: AH!! Pedo Bear Has Captured Us!!!

Cherry: No, it's just a kid.

Six Year Old: I'm not just any kid, you dummies!! I'm Pedo Bears Favorite Baby Doll and now you're all my slaves!!

Cotton: I thought slavery was outlawd when Obama came to Earth...?

Sugar: *Falls off of, then under large ball*

Six Year Old: Be My Slaves or Pedo Bear or else!

Sugar: Or Else What?!

Six Year Old: Pedo Bear will eat you out!

Cotton: But I don't like fast food.

Sugar: Not if I'm already empty!! *pees on floor*

Cherry: As if- *begins walking out front door*

Six Year Old: Don't leave!!!

Cherry: *enters a living room* What the hell?!

Pedo Bear: This isn't just any day care, Cherry.

Six Year Old: I told you not to leave Plum-Head!

Cherry: I'm not a plum, I'm a cherry!!!

Six Year Old: Cherry's arnt Purple- You're A Plum!

Cotton: I thought purple was red and black?

Six Year Old: She's a Black Cherry!

Sugar: Yum!!! Let's get some sugar!!

Cotton: But you're already here, Sugar?

Pedo Bear: You can never leave Pedo Bears Doll House!

Cherry: I thought you liked "little girls"?

Pedo Bear: That's right, and you're the little CoUgEr Girls!

Sugar: Na Aw- We're da CoUgEr Crew Girls!!

Cherry: We're teenagers, not little girls!

Cotton: Wa? *falls on floor from confustion* I thought we were girls?

Sugar: Da! We're the CoUgEr Crew Girls!! Totally teens!!

Pedo Bear: What?!

Cherry: That's right, we have boobs...

Sugar: I don't.

Cotton: But I thought everyone had boobies?

Six Year Old: Boobies Are Forbidden!!!

Cherry: Actually, I also just happen to be on my monthly~

Pedo Bear: Get Out!! *points to exit* Leave Now!!

Six Year Old: Eww, Boobies..

CoUgEr Crew: *Walks out front door*

Cotton: We're free!!

Sugar: Let's Call The Cops!!

Cherry: Eh- we know where he lives now, let's just keep an eye on him.

Sugar: What about that six year old little boy?

Cotton: That's a boy?!

Cherry: It's Pedo Bear's son, he only likes girls.

Cotton: I smell french fires~

Sugar: No That's Pizza!!

Cherry: You're both wrong, we're right next to a gasoline station.

Cotton: Aww, but I'm soo hungry.

Sugar: Let's get slurpies at that 7-Eleven!!

Cherry: Does anyone know how the heck we woke up in Pedo Bears Doll House, or what city we are in?

Sugar: *Inside 7-Eleven*

Cotton: *Sniffing a car tail pipe*

Cherry: Damn It ALL!!!


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