Cotton: What is this place?

Sugar: Just a comic of our lives~

Cherry: Wrong! It's Pedo Bear's world!

Sugar: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

Cotton: *begins to cry*

Cherry: Just Kidding~

Cotton: That wasn't very nice

Sugar: This is about us, isn't it?!

Cherry: Yeah- except we're not the ones in control

Cotton: Sounds like life to me!

Sugar: Forget that, I own this world :p

Cotton: Oh, Hello.. I didn't notice you there..

Cherry: You got an imaginary friend, Cotton?

Cotton: Um.. I was talking to that person over there

Cherry: Over where?

Sugar: Look, they're behind the glass!

Cotton: Hello again!! Told you so Cherry.

Cherry: Wait! There's not the ones behind the glass!!

Cotton: What do you mean? What glass?

Sugar: If they aren't, then who is?

Cherry: We're the one's behind the glass!!

Cotton: *Gasp*

Sugar: Pedo Bear, let us out!!!?!?!!?!

Cherry: It's not Pedo Bear..

Cotton: Who are they?

Sugar: OMG We're on T.V. XD Ahhh!!!

Cherry: That's ridiculous!

Cotton: Oooo it's shiny.. I see the glass now.

Sugar: *picks up rock and tosses it as glass*

*Glass begins to crack*

Cherry: Seriously Sugar, you broke that?!

*Glass shatters over their heads*

Cotton: Oooo Shiny SParkles!


Moments later.....

Cherry: We're still alive?

Pedo Bear: Welcome to the real world,
Aren't you three just adorable
*Tries to Kiss Girls*

Sugar: Eww!!!

Cotton: *trips backwards*

*Cherry: *slaps Pedo Bear*

Sugar: Who the hell farted?!

Cotton: Sorry! I dealt it.

And their lives began...
The three girls had been smuggled into America by Pedo Bear.
Loosing most of their previous memories before that very moment,
rescued by the police three months or three years later(no one knows)..
the girls were sent to Orphan High, a school and orphanage all in one.
Their home room teacher just happened to be Miss Rebel Sensei,
a nice lovely kindergartner teacher who one day snapped.. thus,
no schools other than Orphan High would except her as a teacher.
Little did they know, Pedo Bear would be back...