MC's Cursors
Cursors/images to use on your profile or web site

    Look at the Cursors/images above
    Look at the CODE to the RIGHT
    Right Click Copy the image URL
    Edit, by PASTING the image URL in to the code
    Replace "PASTE CURSOR URL HERE" with the Cursor Image
    - Esample. ""
    Copy The NEW CODE you just made
    Paste the code on to your web page between the HEAD TAGS

If you need more help, please send me a text message
using my cellphone site at:

The Codes To Edit, Copy And Paste...

More Information Below...

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Important information about these Cursors, which you must know if you use them

1. Most of these cursors were made by MCtheGirL, some were made by interns...
Mike Sinoi, Name, Name, Name.

2. You must link each Cursor/image URL directly, do NOT save any to your computer, harddrive, usb saver, etc.

3. You may not copy this web site and display MC's Cursors for your visitors.

4. If you steal any of MC's Stuff your username/id/ip address will be shown here.