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Templates Information

These templates are examples for customers to explore and all of these web site templates are free for personal use only. You may not resell or redistribute these web site template designs. You may share the link/url to show others for example of what you like or to make comments. Same goes for the icons that may or may not come free, provided with these web site templates. Do not claim as your own and do not remove credits.

If you want any credits/adds removed, you must apply for the paid for versions of these templates. You can also use these templates as examples, when asked by a web designer what kind of design you want. Do not recreate these original designs. Do not use for a business / organization / any non-personal web site with out written concent by the creator MCtheGirL. The majority of these templates do not contain adds other than the credits to the creator or aplications/widgets embeded with in each design.

Completed Works In-the-works... ..Display Only... Not Much Here Yet, sorry! Please wait till the year 2015 to arive. Thank You!
What Are Diviers
Dividers are just that, a way to divide rows / paragraphs / sections / etc.
These images as dividers, are free for personal use only; Such as blog sites or short story sites.
Light Themed
Light Themed, Divs Not Here Yet!
Dark Themed
Dark Themed, Divs Not Here Yet!
Animated, Divs Not Here Yet!
Stripes & Lines
Click on an image below and it will be displayed to the right.

Code OutPut
Dots & Spots
Dots & Spots, Divs Not Here Yet!
Label 1
Content 1
Label 2
Content 2
Label 1
Content 1
Label 2
Content 2