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Welcome To FaceTheWEB!      *We're Not Just All About Anti-Bulling ^_^
Weaving Great Minds Threw Out The World Wide Web Together Inorder To Bring About
The Action Of Hopeful Words In Motion. Let's link all well known and soon to be known,
supporting web groups here. List Groups and Get Listed!
Face The WEB~ Together We Stand; You Are Not Alone.
Just A Few Thoughts of The Aging...
-Standing up for something you believe in, even if you're standing alone; is brave.
-Stainding with someone who can't stand by themselves, is kindhearted.
-Stading by while suffering happens, doing nothing for fear of your self; is selfish.
-Running away to get help is not shameful; you got them help, you are the hero.
The World Wide Web Doesn't have to be such a frusterating place to interact with others.

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