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About Us
Spreading Knowledge, Supporting Creativity, Saving Lives, & More! By using our creativity, we make items and sell those items; by doing so we get money to give as donations to those in need.
Some of the projects GrayWish contributes to are...,,,,
Where Our Material Comes From:
GrayWish Comic is part of the main project site Manga/Comics being displayed/distributed on GrayWish Comic are created by local artists and other artists that support the cause of one or more projects.

Online Now!
By, MCtheGirL
->Just three random teenagers let loose upon the world; spreading their chaotic love and insidious ideas, one neighborhood at a time. See It Here
Coming Soon!

Clever? Stupid! Like I Care~
By, Who Ever Dare (Group)
->It's completely RaNdOm!
A bunch of little skits, with
most of them not having to do
anything with the other.

See It Here

In The Works!

Blue Sugar Water
Aoi satōsui / 青い砂糖水
By, Emily Ann Christan
->A story about a fairy who
desperately wants friends.
She's never noticed and brings
bad luck to others on accident.

See It Here

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