Blue Sugar Water

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Blue Sugar Water

Aoi Ya` is a little fairy with the heart and mind of a seven year old and has no family. Not having any real friends or anyone one to keep her out of trouble, she tends to cause a lot for random strangers who usually never even notice her. She doesn't mean to hurt anyone, though for not being noticed by anyone for as long as she can remember, everyday she tries to go out and find a friend who will care. In failure, she tends to make huge messages and cause terrible accidents.

One rainy day, after the cherry blossoms had bloomed and begun to wither away... Aoi Ya` became worried that summer would never come again and that winter was just around the corner. She sobbed while sitting on a rain drop stuck in a tree branch. A little boy named, Moku, looked up and asked, "Why are you crying?" ...then Moku's older sister, Manna whispered, "Who are you talking to?"

That was the first time Aoi Ya` had ever been noticed by a human; thus, began the story of Blue Sugar Water - The Fairy Bug Insanity!

Hint About the Older Sister, Manna
She's all about the facts, the law, the truth, what's real and hides how she feels. She cares about her little brother as much as an older sister could care or wouldn't. She's usually off with friends or studding like a book worm. She's not supper popular, but she's not really shy or hidden. Manna is a responsible young woman, sixteen years old and keeps telling herself as soon as she terns eighteen, she'll adopt her little brother out of the system.

Hint of the Little Boy, Moku's Past
The little boy's older sister can't see the fairy, so she tells her little brother to not talk to 'imaginary' people or doctors will lock him up in a mental hospital. This little boy has no friends and he feels that everything he tries at, fails. He's already been locked away in a mental hospital before for having imaginary friends, what got the kid locked up was pretending the Easter bunny came early one year and at school he hid dyed eggs threw out the school. Biggest problem was, he forgot they were never hard boiled. So that led to a huge mess threw out the school as if it had gotten egged.

Blue Sugar Water

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Blue Sugar Water
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