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About M.C's ALL Business & Community....

This web site is more of a community than a business; though we have many things to offer for sales, this site is mainly a place of free information, entertainment, a place to just chill out with friends online, but also this is a place of hope, respect, & help. Note Our Slogan, "Yours For having Fun While helping Others." We wanted to make this site to help people, but then we thought, "why not have fun while doing so?"

Basically, this web site is about pretty much everything, *hint* the name, "M.C's ALL"



There used to be a web site called, "M.C's PETs" which later on evolved into, M.C's ALL. M.C's Pets was supposed to be an online pet shop with animal facts available to the public. Though the web site owner was only about 15 years of age at the time, so she wanted there to be some fun things for her friends and herself on the site. She added some forms for an other kind of communication, she added some games, a few chats here and there, free html codes for her friends to add to their online profiles, and more, with widgets, videos to watch, photos to look at and check out, music to listen to, and even more...

Before she turned sixteen years old, her friends and a lot of other people basically had the same complaint about her web site called, "M.C's PETs," and even though their complaint was not all bad, they had very good reason for it to be fixed. Their over all issue with the site was that it did not fit the name. The first part, "M.C," sure fit because of M, for Melissa and C, for Carlisle. Though the, "PETs" part no longer fit all that well. She did too agree, that the name had become very misleading with all the new stuff on her site. They told her that all she really had to do was change the name and then there would be no problems with false advertisement, miss-understandings, and such. So she agreed, but she did not know what to call her new site. Many people voted on it; her parents, her friends, family, web site members, and simple visitors as well.

A lot of them did not really seem to work, but one stuck out to her. "M.C's Everything," that was the name most people were posting, but she didn't really like it, even though the word, "Everything" seemed to fit very well.

Then the idea came to try and find a word meaning the same thing, but more short in a way of having less text in the title of her web site. She came up with the idea, "M.C's ALL" for the name of her new web site, and most people went a long with it. Now the site has changed a lot~


After adding so many things to MC's ALL, the content was over whamming and visitors stopped being coming around. Melissa knew she had to fix this mess. Something to clean up the site and get rid of all those buttons to the left. People suggested for her to put all 32 buttons on the top, but that only made things worse.

After a year of people coming and going, she finally figured out that she needs to have more than one site, that all that content could not possibly fit into just one web site. She was did not have the knowledge on how to do this in the year of 2007-2008, so she learned more on her own. Through out 2008 and 2009, she got very distracted with life and personal things, like family and school.

In the year of 2009 started braking down MC's ALL into sections and linking all of her side sites on to the main site, MC's ALL. She then declared, publicly in the year of 2010 that her web site would be at it's new and main staring point and full of content by 2012. She worked really hard even though school came first and never getting any computer classes, I'm sure you can see why things were so difficult for her with a family not being all that supportive about her choices in life by doing almost everything over the internet.

January 22, 2011

It is now 2011 and look what she's done now!
New lay outs, not only using html, but also css and adding bits of java and flash here and there. She has been busy sense the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. You can expect for things to get better by each month! Remember, this site is only four years old and will be five in 2012.

April 20, 2012

MCtheGirL, the person, completed writing book One of Vampire Maiden as of November 22, 2011 and has now began writing Vampire Maiden book(s) Two(Insanity) and Three(Oh No! Strawberry Juice :x) and is hoping to completed both books before the year 2013, but chances are, she will not complete either book until the middle of 2014.

She has made a web site for this book at

As well for a web site for all the characters in her book,

You Can Read The Story At:

MC's ALL is now selling FLUFFIEYS, a brand of necklace.

MC's ALL has a side site, Emily's Trinkets!

There are a few important side sites and information your should check out monthly, or right now if you're new to all of this. The ones to check out are:,,,, and the site you're on now,

Thank You For Visiting ANd Reading All This Information. We All Sure Hope You Continue To Visit MC's ALL And All Our Side Sites. We Are Glad To Be Of Service!