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My name is Melissa Carlisle and I am a girl, M.C. the GirL

Most of my work is for charity or simply because I want to, so mostly that part is free. If you want, donate to help keep non-proffit websites online?
Thank You!

*Only Non-Proffit Web
Sites Are Free of Price*

If you need me to code a lot of paragraphs for you; that is not free. If you are making money for profit, at the very least I need you to pay for what I host for you.

Like most people say, "Time Is Moeny," my time has a price; just like you, I have my own life too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Want A Site?
There are many types to choose from. Maybe you want it for business or a non-proffit. Some where to list all of your names for multiple online communities like facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.

Just A Web Page
This is perfect for a list of your community links or a stand alone online profile. It can be used to advertise your business or list your types of services. Only a web page as in one folder to hold photos and a single index page, also known as just a home page and nothing else. Your contact information and what you do can all fit on just one page. There is no limit to the langth though, anything over five paragraphs does coast extra.

Actual Web Site
A "full" web site with more than one page is an "actual web site"
  • Has common pages names such as Home, About Us, Conatct, Affiliates, etc.
  • Along with semi common page names like Profile, Pets I Have, Bucket List, etc.
  • It can contant more than one folder. Folders for photos, active code, links to other pages in the main folder and even have a contact or subscribe form for visitors to fill out.
  • It can even have its own subdomain.
  • YourName.graywish.com or YourName.mcthegirl.net maybe availible. You can add your own domain later.

  • Your Own Domain Name
    Adding your own domain name to your Web Page or Web Site
  • Has a price depending on the domain langth, poppularity, etc.
  • You should make sure it is availible or you can ask me to check for you.
  • M.C's Host can buy the domain for you and manage all the code and tags. This service has a cost of $5 extra and what ever the domain name costs.

  • Contact M.C.
    To Contact M.C. for any reason what so ever, please do so on:
  • facebook.com/MCtheGirL1

  • You can also contact me for a hosting Emergancy problem by sms/text message at:
  • 619-800-1621

  • Legal Contact Notice

    I, Melissa Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL, Reserves the Right to Refuse Buisness to Anyone.

    Contact threw FaceBook
    Notice that spam will be filtered by facebook and I may not recive your message. Sorry.

    Phone Calling &
    SMS/Text Messages

    Note that this is my Google Voice number and 800 Numbers along with commonly known robot callers will be automaticly blocked by Google.

    *I reserve the right to block any number that calls and hangs up repeatedly, sends more than three messages or a long message with out waiting for responce, or for what ever reason that I believe should be and will be blocked.

    I will not answer Unknown Names, so please just leave a voice mail message.

    If a number has a Blocked Caller I.D. then I will not answer.

    If the same person uses multiple phone numbers to contact me after being blocked twice & continues to annoy me, I will file harrasment charges with the propper athorities.

    Web Sites Created/Hosted By MCtheGirL
    *All these sites in this box are old and have not and will not be updated unless the site owners request it.
    Mona Maids

    Deluxe Nails

    Heather's Baby Sitting Business

    Mariea's Cleaning Service

    Little Tokyo (Restaurant)

    Marie's Back Ground Tiles

    Multi Media & IT Solutions

    Mikayla Hamilton Officail (Web Cast)

    The Real MCCoy