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This section is for down to earth people who love graphics, web design, photography.

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This sectipn is for people who like animals and know how to care for them or do it yourself at home projects.

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Any Site That Has One or More of the Fallowing May Apply:
A. Creativity(stories, poetry, lyrics, art, food recipies).
B. Education(animal facts, html help).
C. Graphic Design, Art(Self Made, Hand Drawn, Digitaly Altered).
D. Community(Challenges, Events.. *More Facts Than Rumors).
E. Blog(must be about A, B, C, D or life lessons learned).

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Mystic Dreams
is now
Blue Hearts

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These are gifts that people have dropped off on my site to me or directly to my email or on facebook.
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Personal Favorites

Sites I like and have chosen to link regardless of my own rules or even if they will never notice I linked them or link me back. The Majority of these sites either have become to famius and forgotten me/never knew me or I just absolutly had to link them cause their work is awesome. Do NOT Request to be listed here. I will not ask permistion link if said site has a link back button. This is my Personal Favorite Site List which is public though, not meant to make anyone jellious or feel hurt.

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Recorded Past Submittions

Lost People: Current Question,
I'm looking for an old friend who went by the name "Joanna Lee"
She made a fan site of the anime, Puchi Puri Yuushi (Petite Princess Yucie)
The name of her web site is: ~*Puchi Puri Yuushi*~ A Petite Princess Yucie Fansite URL: http://puchipuriyuushi.webs.com/
She told me a long time ago that she deleted her account with webs, though I lost her contact information and feel bad about not contacting her sense. We were friends back in the year 2008. The computer I was using died around 2010 and I think that's when we pretty much lost contact. So... If anyone else reads this and remembers Joana (as you should), please let her know about this message I've posted? Joanna, if you see this please message me? It's been YEARS~ bty happy new years four times! -MCtheGirL