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If you came here for graphics or writing, then you are on the main site. If you came here for web design, that is here. If you are looking for short stories or poetry, then you are pretty close. If you are just looking around, try clicking something random.

This is the (Simple) site.
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What is "MCtheGirL"?
-MCtheGirL is a person, business and brand name of products.
Who is the person?
-The busines is owned by a person who's name
is Melissa Carlisle also known as M.C.
How is the name Pronounced?
-MCtheGirL is pronounced "M. C. the Girl" not 'Mc the girl'

Location?         Cedar Park, Texas, USA
PO Box 3195    Cedar Park, TX 78630

Kind of Business?     Design, mostly.
Graphic, Web Site, Intearrior, Office, Hand Bags, Clothing, ...

Sub Sites
Sub Sites are those of which are directly connected to MCtheGirL and shown in the URL commonly as either "" or "" and all sub sites of MCtheGirL are owned and designed only by MCtheGirL aka Melissa Carlisle.

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    These are 'other' web site domains used by MCtheGirL.comm yet they each have thier own reasons for beining; while hosted under, they are have their own terms of use / terms of service, rules, services, etc.
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  • Gray Wish
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    The the three sets of domains link / forward to various 'sections' of M.C. the GirL's web site. Based on the end domain such as '.com' '.info' or '.org' the similar lead to the same section of locations.
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