Story: A Death I Remembered

Story Title: A Death I Remembered
Date Typed: 07/26/2018
Story Written By: MCtheGirL
Melissa M Carlisle*

M.C’s Stories~ Category: Fiction 

Have you ever had a dream where in that dream you were walking on the side walk, “a path,” with a sure destination, but ever so slightly -merely just your toes- you stepped off of an extreamely shallow dip, “a flower bed,” with dirt –not much lower than the concrete by less than half of an inch– and you began to trip, “fall,” then suddenly into a black pit of darkness -swallowed whole- and you wake up before hitting the ground? I have.

I have had this dream so many times that I no longer cared about such things and could shake it off by the time I opened my eyes lids.

There was one time how ever, while falling in such a dream, that I continued to fall -to the point of no longer fearing the ground- the impact never arrived.

     Surrounded by darkness, still falling. Suddenly, everything became still. I was unable to feel the fear or gravitational force of falling. To turn out to be flying would have been a blessing, but the opposite force never flew. With no wind and no light; unable to feel anything physical, I remained frozen. I never did wake up.

Eventually, I could hear, “voices,” words off into the very far distance. I began able to feel warm, yet still unable to respond or see any signs of life. Yet, I knew I wasn’t alone anymore. There were others, but I never got a full understanding of where they were or if I was still dreaming. The warmth with drew and the voices became silent.

No longer any physical feelings. The darkness strangely left me, yet no light brightened my view. An odd emotional feeling of exceptance and a form of peace of mind, “at rest,” fully took over me, with out any struggle. I simply just was, “here” without any physical form or outline. No stressful thoughts, quite blank minded in a basic feeling of rest. Not lost, not in pain, not hot, not cold, no sadness, no hatered, no longer did I feel excepted nor did I not feel excepted; only a feeling of fully at rest.

Eventually, the voices returned.  I could reconize them. People I knew, they we’re also here, I became aware. I saw my grandmother and even my extended relatives. Problem was, I conciously knew they were all dead. How could I be hearing their voices?

A layout of the street I grew up on emerged from the absence of everything. Family welcomed me home. My grandmother told me I was early and I needed to go home. An elderly Chinese woman who I used to see in the park, was in my mother’s rocking chair. She told me that I could stay a while but then I had to go back and finish what I started. All kinds of family and friends welcomed me. We spent every kind of holiday in existence together. A whole year had past.

Then suddenly I was in the middle of an endless desert heat, with nothing surrounding me. As if the burnt, cracked ground beneth my feet, continued on for ever in every direction. A mirage in the desert heat emerged from within the blaring sunlight. My brother appeared before me, the one who took his own life leaving behind a scuiside note, “sacrifice,” claiming he died to protect the family from the devil. He confronted me as if he were real. Yelling at me to leave and claiming that I couldn’t handle the struggle. My own brother, -from with in a dream- yelled at me to leave and never go back, only forwards; I didn’t understand, I honestly thought he was back on drugs or I was simply just having a bad dream that I obviously couldn’t wake up from.

The ground shook, fire flaired threw the cracks and tangled all around my body as if vines. The sun was unbareable. The dry air and all moisture sizzled out from my body. With our skin like hanging off our bones, like a half skinded carcass -dead- fried left out for months while flesh is unable to fully decay. Sun finally set and as the flames died low, my brother begged me to run ounce fully untangled. I couldn’t move, the unbareable pain prevented me from responding. The moon roze up with no starlight. Freezing wind made my body crumble like over baked and brittle crackers. Finaly able to stand, my brother and I huddled together as the snow in the form of needles raind down upon us. Allowing out bodies to rot with moisture, it only got worse.

Upon sunrise, the water steemed away and our bodies back in to delicate flesh. As I reached for my brother’s hand, he crumbled away into nothing just before muttering the words, “live your life,” after he completely vanished, I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what.

I blinked and suddenly realized I was back in that odd place again. No physical form. Wasn’t exactly total darkness and yet there was no light. I was surrounded by nothing yet at the same time, I was not alone. Everyone was with me, with out physical forms, just all around me. I was becoming one with, “all,” everything and everyone. A great sadness overwhelmed me; I was no longer excepted. Words were spoken. Voices all over in every language by family and people I never even knew had existed. They all said, “Help those in need of helping,” along with a few other frases, “Save them. It’s not your time. Help others to yourself to help others. Know Us. Know life,” was repeatedly spoken. All were pushing me with a force I could feel too many emotions to prosses. Sundenly, in physical form, at my grandmother’s house, in the kitchen, I was offered a place at the table for another year, to be forever, but my mom stepped in threw the backyard door to the kitchen, and told me it was time to go home. I took my mother’s hand but everything suddenly changed. Their faces changed, the room was distorted. That thing in my hand was a yellow rose bud, I blinked in confusion and when opening my eyes, I was under the tree, in the front yard, of the house I grew up in. With all the roses and flower beds in bloom. The monarch butterflies that flew by our yard each year, fluttered around me.

I woke up in hell, which turned out to be reality.

Finaly waking from a drug induced coma while just coming off of full life support, I was told that I had died.

Congestive heart failure along with blood clots in my heart, that originally formed in my legs and so on.

       I wasn’t fully aware but I was awake though due to the drugs they were pumping threw the IV, “pick line,” in my neck, with tubes up my nose and down my throat while still being restained by velcro straps, with a string in my nose tide to some device above me with a catheter in my –you know what– area; I was completely not convinced that I was in a real hospital but being drugged up with morphine and sold into a sex slavery being taken across the border to Mexico, as if in those- special victim unit crime- cop tv shows.

Obviously, I was in no condition to be sure of anything.

The only, “for sure,” facts I knew was that I was tide down, told to be quiet, a thing was in my sex spot being moved around, morphine was in my system by I.V.

-I’m allergic to morphine and my usual reaction is patches of rashes all over my body, seriously surreal hallusonations, fever, manic scratching making myself bleed due to being itchy, feeling as if I’m three times my actual weight, rage; also happens to induce a migraine head ache, which in turn does a “domino effect” flairing up my chronic Fibromyalgia, arthritis, along with other problems making my asthma worse-

All I thought was I was being raped and then I recalled a conversation with my dad and my sister as a teenager…

      My dad, who’s a cop, told me that the best time to scream when kidnapped or being taken, is when that person tells you not to scream. “Chances are, there’s enough people around to hear you scream and be witnesses or stop the kidnapper,” is what he basically said.

      My sister how ever told me that when people scream “rape,” most people look away and don’t want to be involved. She then told me that if some screams “fire,” pretty much everyone runs to come and see. My sister told me to scream “fire” rather than “rape” even if there is no fire but because ‘rape’ is a good enough reason to lie to get Help.

     So yeah, that’s exactly what I did. In the I.C.U. of the hospital, I continued to scream “fire” “help” “police” every moment I was consious. They’d put meds in the iv to make new sleep and the very moment I woke up again I continued screaming. I honestly thought that’s what was happening.

     Eventually, they asked me for permission if I wanted anything for pain and I continued to say “no” but those last few times, they actually didn’t flush the IV and pump in more morphine into me. I don’t know how much longer it had been but eventually I woke up again feeling entirely foolish, looking around with my eyes “actually open” able to see enough to know I was in fact, in a hospital.

    Yes, a real hospital. I couldn’t believe how rude I had been. I didn’t realize it was a urine catheter. The staff there didn’t know I was allergic to morphine or IV antibiotics. It was all just a searies of nightmares.

I knew I wasn’t in California, I did recall that I moved to Texas. I wasn’t sure why I was in a different hospital. I remembered checking in to a hospital near my house for pnamonia. I recall my family visiting and arguing but I couldn’t just go to my room as usual because they were in my “hospital” room and they could leave but I didn’t want to throw them out and yell, being seriously rude to my parents. No. Instead I did something much worse, as my heart was racing and my head pounded with my ears ringing and about to have a full on “panic attact” I made a horrible wish, but only with in my mind, not out loud.

*I’m not actually suicidal*

I had the most horrible of feelings possible which put power into my one wish, “to die, to rest, to escape,” but with out even being aware of it, only death was granted.

     I can recall sitting up in the hospital bed, then just as always during a panic attack –where I’m unable to walk away or leave the situation to calm down– I slowly fell backwards, as if I were beginning to lay down my head on the pillow, but the florescent lights must have triggered a seziure because I don’t recall my head hitting the pillow at all.  Simply falling backwards.

The earliest memory I have after that is being fully at rest. Then –with out being aware if it possibly being a dream or that I was dead– The elderly Chinese woman met with me, telling me that I should go back and that such a wish couldn’t be granted. I didn’t recall the argument with my family at the time the laidy was speaking. She told me that I have a lot of things I need to do to get where I’m going. She began telling me a story about a dream I had many times. Suddenly, I was in that dream again; that’s where this story begins.

I never did wake up. I left a part of me there.
Like the ghost of my mother, before she died.
Part of me is missing, like after my mother’s stroke.

Feelingsand caring about myself, just doesn’t seem nearly as important compared to entertaining my niece. Doing for others as best as I am able. If I don’t do anything for someone else every day, I feel wasteful.

    Not to be dragged by laziness or excuses, simply the true struggling of my life physically. While in a wheelchair – still trying to walk – it takes a while longer for me to get to the door to answer or simply carry some towels to the machine; while wet, even more so heavy, from washer to dryer.

This is my real life. I’m in pain, but I’m fine.

Some extended information….
Doctors told me that I was only officially dead for a maximum of three minutes, but that they managed to revive me some how. I asked them how, they said, “You were lucky that you were already in a hospital when it happened or you wouldn’t be alive right now.” I sort of understood but I didn’t fully understand because my question wasn’t awnsered. I was repeatedly told, “Believe me, you don’t want to know.” Felt pointless to ask sense I continuesly got that same answer from all doctors who had access to my records.

Was it all just hallucinations and dreams part of waking from the coma while drugged? Perhaps it was all real in a different dimension of reality…

      The ending was just Hallusonations with a dream state mind I’m pretty sure of that though, the beginning of rest I believe was real some how, not sure how the Chinese woman appeared or if that part was a dream… being with all those dead family members is a strange thing to recall, but it’s not like I saw anyone who I knew was alive, other than my mother but she did have a stroke a few years earlier and wasn’t exactly the same… My mom actually looked like a faded ghost compared to everyone whom I knew was dead. The part with my brother, perhaps was hell? Perhaps the table with family was a kind of heaven? Perhaps the joining of full acceptance with true rest, was the end??… or a rebirthing to a new cycle of living? Not sure of most. I can only know for a fact of what others told me but none of them supplied evidence other than the new scars all over my body and being hooks up to multiple tubes and wires.

All I know for sure is, “100% Fact” what the doctors and nurses told me, that I died and they were able to revive me.

Strange story, right? Pretty ridiculous. Unbelievable? Most likely.  Is it true? Yes, Entirely.

DISCLAIMER: It’s what I personally experienced. 

It’s a story that might be different in the view point of others and yet, it’s difficult enough for me to comprehend.

Keep in mind, the story above, is the Short Version with minimal details. Seriously.

I’d rather not bore you with it all.

Just read it if you want but don’t expect it to make any scene; expect the story to be a waste of your time.

Let me be~ Thanks!




Stress = Migraine

I believe that stress has a huge impact upon a migraine.

Sound of other people arguing, even if you’re not a part of the conversation, simply the loudness can trigger or make a migraine unbearable.

     Even if five minutes ago the migraine was being managed and you were able to continue packing boxes for a move or continue studying for a test; focus becomes unavailable and the extreme pain becomes unavoidable.

It feels so frustrating.
To finally be rid of a migraine, but then two random people in an other room start arguing loudly or simply talking so loud that it echoes throughout the mind bringing upon the ringing; then a migraine takes over.

Simple Respect
Could be a good thing for everyone.
If someone wants me to do chores like mop the floor or empty the dishwasher, I only ask for them to be quiet so that I can complete the task without dropping dishes or crashing down on the floor.

 I can do a lot of things when I don’t have a migraine.

Yes, really, I can do a lot of things if with out a migraine.



Story: Are They All Ghosts?

Story: Are They All Ghosts?
Written By: MCtheGirL
Date Written: 02/10/2019

M.C’s Stories~ Section: Fiction

Are They All Ghosts?

     I always asumed my imaginary friends were just invisible; I didn’t realize just how correct I was. Once I became an adult, I always assumed my imaginary friends from my childhood were nothing but my imagination.

It would have been nice to believe… that.

     Without my medication, I tend to see and hear things. Things that people thought but did not say out loud. I’ll answer a question of someone’s before they even ask it and that just gets agitating. So I’m on meds to block it.
There is way too much out there~

Sometimes I hear my own thoughts as if they belong to someone else, like reading your own mind yet while having an out of body experience. It really can be terrifying at times, so I’d rather be naive since there’s nothing I can do about it. That whole paradox thing; I tell someone something’s going to happen, because I told someone something is going to happen, therefore they’re expecting it and therefore it never happens. If I don’t tell someone something’s going to happen, it usually does happen. There is no proof. It all feels so pointless.

I used to have a lot of friends as a child, most of them no one else could see and refer to them as my imaginary Friends. I would go over to a friend’s house that had the mother and father with their grandfather. Often, I would talk to the grandfather for his interesting stories about being in the war. One day I went over while they were having some kind of event that I didn’t understand at the time. I saw the grandfather and we started talking. He told me to go tell my friend, his grandson, that their, “aunt wants a veggie burger and not the regular burger but she’s to ashamed to ask,” so I told my friend and he told his dad, then his dad asked me how I knew and I told him that his dad told me. My friends dad got really mad and my friend refused to talk to me for days.

I was only 8 years old. The grandfather was there at the party the entire time and he seemed to be talking to other people, but they were ignoring him. I got annoyed, because he should be getting all the attention. I figured it was rude to ignore him at his own party, so I told everyone to not be a big meanie and listen to him.

I did not understand at the time what kind of event it was and that it was not considered an actual party. Now that I’m older, looking back at that event, I realized I had been at the “event” which was the grandfather’s funeral.

YouTube Response: Left or Right

My Blog/Comment Response to YouTube Video.

Left, you’d be back in jail & extra dirty.
Right, is toxic but technically so is toilet waste.
Back up, just serve your time and get out then; unless you’re going to be executed which and that case, it depends on the individual case.

     If wrongfully imprisoned, knowing backup you’ll die…  Like being captured as a prisoner of war, obviously you need to escape; just knowing the torture you’ll endure before death, is reason enough to go right.

         Right is probably the correct choice because toxic waste takes a while –remaining in contact what the toxic waste– for the human body to develop any serious effects.

      Just rinse off after and you should be fine.
If the toxic waste was so toxic that it would burn your skin and harm you instantly with contact, it would burn through the soil as well and most likely there would only be Trace elements of it left in the section to the right because of this, you could safely go through the right.

Though, you could also choose left and just continue going left.

Eventually, not only would you pass through the fecal matter, you would also end up on the outside of the gate if you just kept going.

Still, it’s unlikely you would know either way for sure, unless the guard told you so and in that case I would go right because the guard is probably just lying, especially if you’re a prisoner of war.

In all honesty though, I’d probably just die. I mean, I’ve got heart medication and seizure medication I have to take at least twice daily and with my asthma along with allergies, I probably wouldn’t be able to dig a hole deep enough without getting dirt in my face and I probably just suffocate. you need doctors to prescribe that super complicated heart medicine especially when there’s like five different types you have to take LOL so either way being in jail I’d probably just die. Even if it was a US jail, I think they might either forget my medication or something might happen and I was just be dead. I don’t think I’ve really break the law though out to end up inside of a jail to begin with, unless world war 3 broke out and I got captured LOL I don’t think I’d be a very good hostage.

No one wants a suicidal hostage LOL I could easily just not tell them that I have asthma and heart conditions and stuff and if they gave me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch I could literally just eat that and die. Then again, they probably just wouldn’t feed me. Note: I am not suicidal.

      My doctor keeps telling me I’d die if I went a week without my medication. There’s no guarantee that’s true though, I’d rather not risk it.  With (my) mild wheat allergy, high fructose corn syrup makes me hallucinate and my peanut allergy; I could easily die. PB&J sandwich is almost instant death; hives & suffocating are painful.

    If the soil was actually loose enough for me to dig down…

I’d go right, because there’s no way the toxic stuff wouldn’t continue melting through the layers of soil.

I should be able to pass through the half digested soil much easier and with the toxic stuff basically being gone, “right” would be my answer.

It would be safe enough, at least worth the risk.


Then again, I think this is a “trick question” because the prisoner is facing us so technically his right is our left and his left is alright, so then I would choose left.

Disclaimer: This is 100% hypothetical.

How Often do You get Migraines?

How often do you get migraines?

Do you get them three times a day? 

Do you always have at least one daily?
Is it usually just about twice a week?
Perhaps it is once a week?

If it is 3 times a month or less, you’re pretty lucky.
If it’s once a month, that’s even better.
if it’s once a month for about 7 to 10 days around your monthly then it’s probably hormonal and you can get multiple different treatments for that type of migraine.

Do you maybe get a migraine once every other month?
Is it about maybe three times a year that you get a migraine?   is it maybe once a year you have a major migraine that lasts for an entire month?
Do you by any chance get migraines once every 3 months that last the entire 4th month, then continues to repeat what you don’t have migraines for a whole three months and then on the fourth month you have a migraine that last the entire month possibly along with your period…

Then I highly suggest you talk to your doctor about getting on the pill.

I myself cannot take the pill because of the estrogen levels which make my migraines extremely worse.

If that is also the case for you, I suggest you ask your doctor about the depo Vera shot which will help prevent those month-long migraines that come along with your monthly.  If you cannot have either type, then talk to your doctor about a different form.

    I cannot have the thing inserted in my arm because they tried to do that and I broken out in hives the moment that they made an anybody cut in my skin and tried to insert it but the moment that it touched my skin I broke out in hives and they said right then and there that they’re not going to do it.

   I cannot have the thing inserted in my uterus because of complications and family medical history, it’s just not good fit for me.

   I’m not talking about birth control for the use of birth control but to control your monthly “gift” to prevent your migraines from going haywire around that time.

   Even with the depo Vera shot I still get migraines, don’t get me wrong.  It does usually prevent that one long migraine that lasts an entire month, every three to four months. But it does not stop or prevent my daily migraines.

    I get at least three different migraines every single day, two of which I can prevent with the cambia medicine powder, but one of them happens regardless. I have not gone a full 24 hours without a migraine headache that hasn’t come on at least on the last 23rd hour LOL couldn’t make it to 24 hours and the more I try the harder it gets lol because of a stress~

I get two migraines a day, that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, that I can sometimes kill with espresso and migraine medicine called fioricet, but without those and combination along with some food and a big thing of Gatorade, that 30 minute to three hour migraine could literally last an entire three days.

The one I can’t avoid.

The one out of three of migraines that I usually get daily, the one that I can never seem to prevent it’s always in the back of my neck like us Spike of some sort I like someone took a thick metal pole shoved it up in my neck just between a few of the discs and poked throughout my eyeball. With a second Spike, like a ice pic of some sort, jabbing just at the base of my skull through part of my jaw or through my temple. That’s the one migraine that I can’t usually avoid.
The pulsations and my neck feeling like I’ve got a heartbeat in my head, with burning and at least one of my eyes also feeling like my eyeball is going to explode or pop out of the socket. The nausea is unbearable. I find it extremely difficult to just roll over in bed because the movement of my neck turning to lay on my other side on the pillow with my head, brings upon excruciating burning and throbbing pain.  It’s like a heartbeat yet at the same time like there’s an elephant sitting on my head, kind of like the elephant on my chest with asthma LOL you need to remember that commercial yeah? Sort of like I’m at the bottom of the ocean and my head’s under so much pressure on the outside. Yet at the very same time it feels like my head’s going to explode from the inside out and near the ending of the migraine it feels like the head is going to implode and sucking in everything around it, including my soul and what little life I have.
  You’ve heard of implosion right?
It’s like the opposite of explosion instead of exploding outwards it explodes in words that sucks everything in like a black hole. If you’ve watched Star trek or the science channel that I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
Luckily, even though I can’t avoid this migraine, I can prevent it from getting worse if I stay still laying down in the dark. Which then makes me super annoyed.

I mean, after taking pain medicine and you’re just laying there and the dark being completely still. The pain is a level five or even just a level 3, but if you sit up it becomes a level 6 and if you roll over it jumps to 1/8 and if I stand up it turns into a 10 and I either passed out falling to the ground or minutes to get back on my bed.  So as long as I stay laying down with no movement whatsoever with my neck, the pain is relatively okay and a way I mean sure I’ve got the pulsing in my eye and the burning, with my neck feeling like it’s getting super hot, like I need ice packs, but ice packs tend to make that type of migraine of mine last a lot longer, I’ve learned that a heating pad on the back of my neck even though my neck already feels like it’s burning, adding heat to it feels almost unbearable for the first 30 minutes and gets a little easier after an hour and then after 3 hours, sometimes the migraine just goes away.

     If my vitamin levels are low.
There’s really no preventing migraines there’s really only treatment for me LOL treatment that usually involves eating a banana while feeling extremely nauseous and me at the same time absolutely hating the taste of banana and the texture so it’s like yeah already feeling like I’m going to puke when I don’t have a migraine just trying to eat a banana LOL but now with nausea from the migraine trying to eat a banana for the potassium LOL. Sure I could just take the potassium pill, but sometimes that’s not available and it doesn’t always work as fast as eating a banana does. cuz with the potassium pill, I still have to have food with it in order for it to be absorbed. Trying to eat even just some soup can be a terror of sorts.  So sometimes I just have to go with the banana.

You should ask your doctor about your vitamins.
Mostly, potassium, magnesium, calcium if you take any kind of birth control or seizure medicine.  Your vitamin B can be important for just feeling like being able to sit up in the morning vs can’t even roll over.

I’m not a doctor, that’s why I’m telling you to ask your doctor LOL literally my disclaimer. Best of luck.

Just fibromyalgia or something more?

Just fibromyalgia or something more?

For your chronic illness, 

Is it just fibromyalgia or something more?

     I am in no way whatsoever suggesting that having only fibromyalgia is not serious, it is absolute hell and I completely understand because I myself have fibromyalgia.

This Poll is just to see and connect others who have other medical problems that tend to go along with fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Other than rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, in combination with fibromyalgia do you ever get migraines or chronic headaches?

#1 just fibromyalgia.

#2 fibromyalgia with arthritis.

#3 fibromyalgia with chronic headaches.

#4 fibromyalgia with migraines.

#5 Yes & more.
Fibromyalgia with other things not listed.
Post your answer in a comment.

Note: Please only select what you have been officially diagnosed with by a doctor? Thank you!

You can vote using the link below or post a comment on this blog.  Please don’t forget to like and share?! TY!

Life Happens~…???

In my life respect is my number one rule towards everyone and how I would like others to treat me; sadly, this isn’t always the case. Real life happens.

Most of the time I just do graphic design and a bunch of computer code along with the occasional fixing hardware within a computer. When I tend not to have a migraine, I usually get wrapped up in my work a little too much.

Other times I tried to be useful, but usually I just take orders and listen to complaints.

Life can get annoying but you got to hang in there.

I gues, the worst thing I’ve ever said in public was really just the honest truth but I didn’t think it would get me into so much trouble.

I really didn’t know the answer.

I tend to stress myself out so much without even realizing it, more than others even expect me to stress out. Eventually I tend to go a little overboard and I’m told to go do whatever I want-

Doing whatever I want it’s not always a good thing when I’m in a manic phase because the pain of my fibromyalgia hasn’t caught up to the stress on my arthritis and scoliosis, which usually creates a migraine the next day that can last for days or weeks.

Eventually when I come out of the heavy pain, even if I didn’t take any kind of medication for the pain… I only tend to realize what the heck I’ve done after I come back down to earth from my manic phase and the fog of my migraine lifting.

It’s usually nothing serious and normally nothing dangerous, but can you imagine waking up realizing you somehow managed to change your entire style overnight? Then there’s a problem of somewhat remembering having done this to yourself. It’s almost like I was under the influence yet it was literally just me not having a migraine and when I don’t have a migraine I tend to color / dye my hair. So that’s what happened.

Credits for graphic creation: Bitmoji

Alteration of graphics done using: fotor

This is a personal blog post about part of my life.

Absolute Basic : learn some code

Please ignore the Caps vs lowercase, Etc? Thank you!

Yes, I literally did this all on my phone.

This is merely an example: 

It will have to remove the multiple duplications of the code ” < br / > ” because that’s just how it s

I honestly don’t know if this example will show up so I’ve attached photos screenshots of me typing this…. ..up in the Amino app.  Yes, I literally did this all on my phone.

UPDATE: apparently a lot of the code doesn’t work in the app for even simple display and screenshot, I apologize for that confusion.
Please ignore the Caps vs lowercase, Etc? Thank you!

I honestly don’t know if this example will show up so I’ve attached photos screenshots of me typing this in the app… Here is the link for this post in the amino app:

Here are some of the photos of the 4 screenshots.

Hopefully, this information will help someone as a reference / cheat cheat for education to learn on how to code a basic web page with links and an iframe.

Migraines Make Things Difficult

Migraines make things difficult~ 

Most people who don’t have migraines, usually don’t understand and even many people with mild migraines or tension headaches don’t understand what a severe chronic migraine can do to your life.  Destroying friendships, ruining your chance at a job, simply physically showing up at school, looking at the board in a classroom even when sitting in the front row, forcing people to leave military jobs due to a medical condition, losing a job you’ve had for 20 years…

All that simply due to an acute chronic onset migraine, that simply arrived out of nowhere.

Not all migraines are like, some can last 30 minutes to an hourh, totan entire day and others can last weeks or even an entire month. There are those that last a year.

Doing the whole check in thing four different groups on Amino is a very tedious task when am Migraine approaches… it’s hard enough to just turn off my alarm clock on my cell phone when I have a migraine. Sometimes I literally just let it keep going off because looking at the bright light it’s so much worse than feeling the buzzing and hearing the beep beep beep beep of my phone alarm. I don’t know if other people feel this way about their migraines pretty much taking over their life like that making something so simple become so hard.

Daily things in life that seems so simple but are extremelyd difficult while with a migrainge

•lifting own head off pillow in the morning
•opening the curtain blinds
•eating food due to nausea
•walking in a straight line
•walking without falling down
•homework and school work of any kind
•simply watching TV
•reading a book on an electronic device
•answering a phone call
•surviving Super bowl Sunday with all that yelling
•driving during night with lights from other cars
•looking at a rainbow peacefully
•cutting up carrots and avoiding your fingers
•making anything in the microwave
•pouring the water into the coffee pot without spilling it
•making it to work or school on time
•bending over to pick up a pencil on the ground
•going to the movies
•arriving on time to meet with friends
•scooping the cat litter box
•handling younger kids that run around screaming
•smiling for a picture knowing the camera will flash
•going into Walmart near holidays with flashing lights
•being in a good mood / being a good sport
•apologizing just to get out of a conversation
•standing up for yourself when you know you’re right
•dealing with the stress that the pain causes
•making it to a super awesome event
•living life date today
•scheduling plans months ahead & still arrive
•sleeping without an eye mask
•going to parties or turning down invites
•responding to a text message
•reading a text message
•trying to find a light switch to turn it off
•walking through a hallway without tripping on objects
•focusing your vision on an object of any kind
•paying attention to what’s on the radio with pain
•looking for the Lost TV remote
•looking for your kids/nieces cell phone
•plugging your phone into the charger
•remembering to put start on the microwave
•forgetting to eat simply due to pain and stress
•putting on makeup
•remembering to brush your teeth
•enjoying life to the fullest
•keeping happy thoughts in mind
•literally making a post online just like this

…. I’m absolutely sure there is a lot more that could be on this list but I think the point is pretty clear.

Migraine Life: What do you see?

When you have a migraine, what do you usually see?

Temporary blindness?
Do you often get temporary blindness and if so can you see shadows or is it just all black or is it just a white where do you have no comprehension of what you see at all?

Does it look like static?
Like on those old TV sets when you’re in between two different channels and the signal goes out…. like on a tube TV before plasma flat-screen has existed. Similar to that effect that they use in some YouTube videos or old movies that have horror and mystery where they show *static on the security cameras.

Do you see lightning flashes?
Kind of looks like a lightning flash but they usually lightning only strikes outside during a stormy night or day but for some reason you’re seeing it around the inside of your house. *It could just looks like a bunch of camera flashes

Do you see zig zags and spots?
Random great zig zag lines that some types that branch out or just look like bars / lines on the TV. Dark floaty purple spots or bright spots or dark spots was a semi bright glowy edge around them.

Everything Above.
Different things at different times and some things are mixed together.

Flowing water.
As if you’re looking at objects in a river with everything being squiggly or as if a rock is dropped in a pond and you can see the ripples in the water oh, but you’re actually seeing this all over everywhere you look.

I’ll comment my option.
Selecting anyting from “A” through “F” and tell it in the comments oh, there is no limit to how many you couldn’t choose if you choose option “G” you can type in your own answer. Please also type in one or more of the letters that best describe what you see, when you post your comment of your own answer.

No, fog and blurry vision is not an option because it’s too obvious have an answer.

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