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100% true for me. I’ve tried to stop but, Before I can even think, I automatically / instinctively apologize. Maybe it’s because I’m in pain and feel like I’m being punished, there for I should be sorry for something but I’m don’t even know why I’m saying sorry to others because I’m in pain. I’m an inconvenient guest; I understand that. I usually say sorry for refusing to visit. Otherwise, I end up saying sorry for not being more active or keep to myself in the corner. With out a migraine though, I’m overly active and perhaps make plans that I end up putting off for days because a migraine instantly hits when I’m having the most fun. If I have fun, I get a migraine, then the pain prevents me from having fun. I’m always wondering if I had too much fun in a previous life and if this is my punishment or whatever- it’s just crazy like that.


Reality of a Migraine Life

Image Poetry…

Go to sleep with a migraine.
Wake up on and off because of pain.
Finally, fall back asleep while in pain.
Wakeup with a migraine.
Muddle through the day with a migraine.
Fallover like a drunk, caused by Migraine symptoms and still, Life Continues~  the next day with a migraine. Repeat.


Just because someone acts drunk while struggling to carry a glass of water or get to the bathroom.. think twice, if you don’t know that person, for all you know they might not even drink alcohol at all and simply have a bad case of food poisoning or the flu. Then again, it could be a person suffering from a migraine barely managing to function.  Sadly, they could just be drunk.

Did you know alcohol only makes a migraine worse and so if some has a migraine, it’s unlikely they’d except a free drink? They might refuse water in fear of puking.

Stay hydrated, but don’t force yourself to drink more than a few sips of water every other hour of you’re still puking.

After it lasts three days to a week, I’ve always been told to go to the hospital for a CT scan on my brain. I can’t give that kind of advice, but that’s what my doctors have told me.

Hopefully someone will understand this free, image to SHARE what your vision might look like with a migraine. It’s just the reality of a migraine life.

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Instagram Response: #0003

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I completely agree and I should know because I have chronic Fibromyalgia, Migraines, chronic headaches, RA, OA, congestive heart failure, seziures, failed leg surgeries, survived coma, asthma, acid reflux and then there are the alley lists as in 1 for medications, 2 for foods, 3 for soaps & fabrics, 4 animals, etc. It all sucks, but I’m alive.

I’ve seen people worse off than myself – I feel bad for them but then I remember that – I hate when people constantly tell me how sorry they feel for me.  I’m like, if you feel sorry then stop elbowing me, making me fall to the ground in the first place.  Then they don’t have to be sorry. 

There’s always someone worse off- but if you didn’t do anything that hurt them, then don’t be sorry. *Just be respectful and hopefully considerate.

Migrane?  Stop asking every five minutes if there’s anything someone can do for me and just let me lay down in silence.  That’s the only way anyone can helpe, silence and darknes while I lay down in pain.

That usually makes friends abandon me but I’m okay with that because that’s literally just what I asked them to do. Let me be alone in silence and darknes; in my family, that’s asking a lot.

On a personal family note, that I think most people with “migranes” and “living with family” could agree on…

Usually me being in pain, just makes my family mad.  I know I’m a pain to them, but if no one comes into my room, fully turning on lights and screaming at me to move a box, I would have moved it sooner because then things only get worse for everyone. Seriously, the box is empty, the todltod can move it. How do you think it got there in the first place? The todltod was pretending that the box was a drum.  It actually worked as a distraction while you were at work, but then a migraine came on.  I laid down and the kid pretend to be be asleep and then fell asleep. The kid only woke up after 9pm because you got home after 10pm. What do people expect when they turn on lights and yell upon their arrival at night? Obviously, the kids and everyone else in the building will be awake then.


Atleast I have my legs, even if they’re not reliable. 

A lot of people have no legs.

I’m not asking you to feel bad for me.

I’m only letting you know that there are other people and myself, who completely understand the frustrations of fibromyalgia and interaction with the world.

Story: Handles Helper

Story Title: Handles Helper
Written by, Melissa M Carlisle aka: MCtheGirL
Date: Monday, 10/15/2018

Totally Science Fiction *it’s just a story.

M.C’s Stories

Warning!!! Notice: This is a short horror Story

+with real life terms and Gore with ghoul revenge. 

Story Title: Handles Helper

Written by, MCtheGirL
Date: 10/15/2018


My sister finally got a job at the store she always wanted to work in as a kid. She did her very best, but the assistant manager kept putting her down. She never really saw the boss or the main manager. I told my sister that because her boss was female, she might be able to help solve the problem of the assistant manager. He was so mean to her, my my sister was afraid to file a sexual harassment report because she knew it would be read by him first. When she did see the manager, turned out the boss was pregnant and would be going on medical leave in six months to give birth. My sister had no other option but to put up with the harassment. I told her to just quit, but she loved the job too much to leave.

After five months of working there, surviving the torment of her boss, it was time for vacation brake, or so she hoped. Unfortunately, the usual November and December brake was dismissed.

One night that boss of hers made her work late, while half the building was under construction. There was an accident but the fire suppression wasn’t working. There was a fire. The doors were either melted shut or auto locked, by the part of the so called “upgraded system” that was still working, to prevent the fire from spreading.

Her assistant manager of a boss, managed to escape before the doors automatically locked. Obviously, if he had listed to my sister about storing the barbeque gas tanks near the hot oil, french fryer boiler, the fire would never had happened. The fire was his fault.

My sister and a few co-workers were trapped in the locked part of the burning building.

The co-workers climbs the shelves and got out threw the windows in the ceiling but, my sister couldn’t make it out the window because she couldn’t get up the shelves.

Her co-workers assumed she suffocated from the smoke, before being burned in the fire. By the time the fire fighters could put it out, she was dead. They did not find a body though something much worse.
Still hanging on to one of the shelves was, her crisp, boney hand sticking together with what little burnt flesh remained.

The blissfully unaware boss with a new baby while on leave, moved that pervert of an assistant manager to the main manager position. That guy was now the true boss.

Later, proved by some DNA testing, it proved to be her hand. The new boss blamed the fire on my sister, saying it was just an accident, but her fault for not reporting to him about the gas canisters being so close to the boiling oil. After the case was closed and the building reconstruction was finished, the store had reopened.

Reports continued coming to the new manager about how the disabled girl working there was so helpful to the customers. He was confused because he had fired anyone and everyone who was disabled or slow in any way. He denied to the customers of her so-called existence.

He can’t harass her anymore. Eventually, he got fired by the company that owns the store.

A one handed girl, will wave to customers with a stumped arm. They would notice the brace on her knee and she would offer them help, finding anything in the store. My sister was so dedicated to her job, she still works there, even after death.


Graphic Alteration: Grandpa

Graphic Alteration for Grandpa.






Steps on Instagram


Graphic Alterationo For Grandpa.  Posted on INSTAGRAM with steps.



Completely done using only two free apps on a smartphone. Fotor & PaperDraw.

Contact Issues

Online Contact Issues

When someone online asks me for my phone number, I tend to get anoyann because my number is listed publicly on all of my public accounts and profiles. 

It’s on my website and on my Facebook page. 

People who do that, obviously didn’t look at my website or my Facebook profile “which is public” thus, they have no real reason to randomly chat with me.  I try to explain this to everyone who asks for mumnumber in a Facebook chat –of all the places– and be polite though, because it’s happened so many times before, I actually have to “try” not to be rude.  Should I not be the one insulted?  Must I allow others to think of me as an idiot?  No!  Ask me ounce; I tell them, it’s public on my profile.  Ask me twice, I add them to my spam filter list on faceFace.  After that person continues to bother me with out having a real reason –as in there reason so called “serious reason” is to ask me for nude photos– Obviously, I report them.


This can also be an issue on Instagram.

Often people who fallow me tend to unfallow as soon as I fallow them back.  Others ask me to fallow them but have no content, not a single post.  No info at all.

Usually I’m told it’s to chat, but that why I have Facebook messenger.  I’d rather not chat on Instagram.

Public Contact Issues

I try to make my personal problems obvious so people don’t randomly hug me or bump my arm as some kind of greeting.  Most say to tough it out.

Seriously though, if you had a recent injory on your arm and your friends knew about it, would you still take kindly to a surprise elbow bump?  What if they did it twice again, after you reminded them, they still continued the same day…

Would you not be offended or upset that your friend is knowingly harming you?  Even without any injury, for them to continue after you’ve asked them to stop. It’s just rude, really.

      Oftentimes people randomly –even if, as a agreeting– grab my arm, nudge me, pat my back, put their hand firmly on my shoulder, etc.  They usually say sorry after finding out I have fibromyalgia and tell me that I should have let them know before they did it.  Thats why I try to make it obvious.

I’m not trying to burden the world with my problems.

I simply want to avoid others hurting me -with out meaning to- and anyone feeling sorry to begin with. 

   Yet, there are some people who already know and purposely do such things.  It’s obvious because I remind them more than three times and ask them not to toutch me, but they continue do it more to me, even more so than to others in the room.


Phone Contact:

Notice: I often have a migraine or bad head ache.

I will always reply, eventually.  Just don’t stress, so I don’t stress.  I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t know.  You must first leave me a voicemail or sms so I can add you to my contacts. I would prefer a text message (sms) rather than a voicemail.

•sms/text me first.

•leave a voicemail.

•tell me your name.

•why you’re contacting me.

Plus 1 ( six 1 nine ) eight 0 0 – one 6 2 one 

My number is above, a bot can not read it. ⤴️

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”

YouTube Response: Bright Side “D”
Video Titled “10 Warning Signs You Have Vitamin D Deficiency” by Bright Side.


It’s bad that I have all 10 out of 10 signs, right? I already have OA&RA forever, fibromyalgia/chronic pain, chronic bruising, etc. My blood tests gave always been low for vitamin D and I’ve already been diagnosed with this problem and rediagnosed as “unable to absorb vitamin D” or as the doctor said it, “chronic vitamin deficiency,” because it has never been normal apparently sense my first doctor visit as in being born.

…I highly recommend doing some fact checking and making a video for Signs of you or your child having been born with a vitamin D deficiency.

Growing up with A LOT of bone problems as a child having many pointless surgeries –I didn’t have a choice, I was under age– things could have worked out differently for me. Doctors first diagnosed me with multiple other things as a kid before realizing a lot of it was caused by a vitamin D problem, but now I have those Problems long term for the rest of my life.

Seriously, I want others to know that at the very least, unnecessary surgeries could have been avoided and I’d have a lot less scars and other medical problems due to infection after surgery boiling down to vitamin D levels.

Thanks for making this video.

I will link it in my blog.

LikeItCan on

Instagram Response: #0002

     So, if I’m walking, *with my clothes & my combat looking boots on, I look 100% normal 
-Other than a slight limp that I don’t usually notice myself.- 
Though, my congestive heart failure, a Migraine or random seizure could knock me out with out warning. 

Instagram @migraine_support

LINK to original post on Instagram:

Even though I’m open about it, I don’t have the time to tell everyone passing by me, my whole life story and I’m not going to strip down just so they can see my scars from surgeries and let people toutch my chest to feel my chest Implant Pace Maker (Medical device) right above my boob (they’re pervs).

@admiralblindman79 I understand that feeling.

I don’t mind telling people, but I don’t want sympathy just simply respect to let me walk threw a door and have people asking g me “where is your wheel chair today? Faker!” I hate that.

It’s called physical therapy for a reason, when with a person who knows my medical stuff, I am supposed to walk for five minutes or see how long I can stand up in motion like a place such as Walmart or the Dollar Tree store. Just cause I can walk doesn’t mean I’m aloud to get up with out a person near by. Sure, sometimes I jump out while someone waits in the car, but they come in after me with the darn chair only after I fall or call for help. Those darn flickering lights don’t help, even more so because of my seziures. I pretty much comprehend what you mean. When I’m in a wheelchair, people don’t shove me in lime, when I’m not in a wheelchair, I get knocked over and the store policy for legal reasons always end up calling the darn ER but I don’t want to go. If I can get up after five minutes of sitting, or get into the wheelchair, I’m fine to just go home. Yeah, my physical disabilities are only visible if I’m naked, you can see where the bone mishaped, scars, etc. It takes to long to put on my shoes (like a brace/black boots) so I don’t take them off for people to see. My boots look normal but they have special medical prescribed I and have been approved by my doctor.


Food Problems #001

I can’t have gluten, lactose, pork/ham (good bye holiday food), turcky, lamb (food & including wool), *peanuts (which is in a lot of gluten free foods), blue dye #1 (which is in almost all candy & sports drinks), high fructose corn syrup, shellfish (iodine), grapes (includes rasins-sorry trail mix), grapefruit, etc.

Responce to @SSSniperWolf 
*I completely understand about the food problems.

I buy all my food myself and other people eat it and then offer me pizza which I obviously can’t have.

•The average pepperoni pizza has…
°Crust / bread / gluten
°Cheese /not fully pasteurized / lactose
°Pepperoni / pork
~also the dough may contain egg yolks.

At the hospital, they tried to give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so I asked them, “Are You Trying To KILL Me?!” I ended up getting transferred to a different hospital after my heart stopped…
Woke up in ICU down town… Nurse said, “You were dead, but we brought you back. You’ve been in the coma for almost three weeks. You’re lucky to be alive. Stop pulling out your tubes in your sleep or we’ll velcro you back down!” I didn’t know how to respond.

It all almost feels pointless. Though, I’m going to stay alive, even if it’s just to tick off those who would rather I die.

Seriously: PETA Please?

Twitter Response to: Peta

PETA Please? 

No animal tests means more animals die. 

What if I have a guinea pig / cavy that has cancer but she’s so young that she’s got a minimum of 3 years to live life, possibly five years more…

The tests on guineapigs that had cancer either died or we’re cured.

Only those that had the tests done we’re helped and lived on.

If the test alone can say she can take meds or have surgery to remove the cancer, why not just do the test rather than let a little cavy suffer struggling to breathe?

One had a test and proved she only needed meds for a respiratory infection similar to pnamonia in humans.

The sisters were not so lucky because one tumor was positive and was cought late due to her showing no physical or mental signs.

Another sister had surgery, but lived a full life after the tumor on her neck and by her ear we’re removed. It wasn’t a big lump, it was a mole she had been born with but was positive. She lived longer than the average cavy. Yes, more than seven years.

The Larger breed of cavys live around 20 years, but I’m talking about the average American guineapig short hair mixed Rex / Albino.

One guinea that didn’t get tested died for no apparent reason, other than the part where she was one of the seven impossible pups from one mother named Daisy. The vet suggested they explore her dead body to figure out what was missed sense her tumor after death was negative. I couldn’t bare them cutting up her dead body because I was not even 16 years old myself and freaked out.  Looking back, now that I’m an adult, I do wonder what killed her. I boddle fed her and three others, “the mom only had enough milk for three,” is what the vet told me. My whole family took part in feeding them.  And we fed them almost twice as often as the vet said to bevbeca they didn’t finish what they should have drank… But they were smaller than the usual pups. The average guineapig only gives birth to one pup to three pups, sometimes four, but that’s sort of unusual.


Daisy was mostly short hair albino with pink ears and barely any to no gray on her ear tips. She had bright pink eyes. Her husband Tom was a short hair red/brown guinea with deep red eyes that almost looked black but shined bright red in some lighting. They had seven babies.