Rules of Contact
Direct Contact:

By Phone: +1 (619) 800-1621

Mon-Fri: 9am - 4pm (PST)
11am - 6pm Central Time.

Saturdays: Appointment Only.
If you do not have an appointment,
please do not call before or after hours.

If you are not a current customer or member, your call will not be answered. You must leave a message; including your name, number to call back and why you are calling.

The main manager(MCtheGirL), or any helper/employee with M.C's ALL/any sub section, will not answer BLOCKED numbers or Unlisted Calls do to safety regulations.

SMS/Text Messaging:

Please do not send more than 3/three messages with in 24 hours until you receive a reply. For any message longer than five sentences, please email instead.

Understand that rates may apply with your cellphone provider. M.C's ALL does not charge you(the customer) to receive or reply.

If you text us, be sure to state if you have or do not have an unlimited text massaging plan with your provider so we know if we should reply by email or threw sms.

Send All Text Messages/SMS to:
+1 (619) 800-1621

Legal Notice

No Soliciting by phone/sms/email.

You may get free advertising space by link exchange, please use the main contact form for that.

Do Not use the button form for anything other than a button/magnet commission.

Do NOT spam my email or phone, it is for business and nothing is ever deleted for legal and safety reasons.

Never assume a phone call is being recorded, know that I use google voice and everything is saved somewhere in private for legal reasons beyond my control.