I am Melissa M. Carlisle, also known as MCtheGirL. I am the owner and creator of this web site. I do not allow inappropriate language of any kind on my web site. If I find that anyone is posting inappropriate links or any kind of inappropriate content in any of my posing pages, guest books, chats, message boards, cboxs, etc. I will revoke that person's rights as a visitor and that person will become temperately banned or find them selves permanently removed from all chats on my web sites and then have their user name(s) on the Banned List, if absolutely necessary.

If you for what ever reason, do not agree to my rules, please leave this site at once.

1. No Porn,
2. No Adult Material,
3. No Trolling,
4. No Talk About Sex Of Any Kind,
5. No Bad Words or characters that are meant to supplement bad words (example: @zz, F*, etc.)
6. No Fighting (Constant Public Arguing),
7. No Bad Mouthing Anyone,
8. Show Respect To ALL,
9. Do Not SPAM.
10. NO Stealing Content From ANYONE, use your own content; it must be original.

These RULES must be fallowed while visiting this web site or any web site hosted by MCtheGirL; this also goes for Affiliates of MCtheGirL.

Exceptions of Rules 2, 4, 5 & 6: would be stories, poetry, music(lyrics, songs, recordings..), videos, & skits.

Notice: If anyone is caught not fallowing these rules, they will be added to the Banned List; after three/3 warnings.
Only MCtheGirL, the owner and main manager, reserves the right to ban anyone with out reason.
Affiliates will most likely be removed from the Affiliation List rather than be banned.