Crazy, Yet Efective Idea!

Saving Power?
Sure, everyone's tried it. Turning off the lights in a room before you leave, un plugging your computer and what not-
Though let's be true here for a moment, you don't actually do this all the time, ya?

Yet still, ether way, the news and other random or very important people keep saying, "We NEED To Conserve Energy!"

So I ask you, yes you! You who are reading this right now! Tell All Your Friends and Family what I am about to tell you.
Is it hard? No. Is it time consuming? Trust me, if it was, I wouldn't do it. lol - Seriously!

For One Complete Hour Once A Week - I find Saturday is easiest for me - Go to the main control box and shut off the power to your house.
What?! You Can't Be Serious! -Oh wait, but I am! It's so easy, just one switch - Go ahead, Flip It!

Though it would be more efective for one whole day of each week, people need to use the power or at least watch the news.
It seems so minor, and it is... though if you do this, three of your friends do this and three of your friends friends to this, etc. -See what I mean?

Hopefully, this will prevent those random power outages that the electric companies keep running into!