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Gift Box ~ $15 each

Each of the fallowing giftboxes come with these options:

  1. one pendant necklace, a fuzzy pen, one bookmark and two pin-back buttons.
  2. two pendant necklaces, a bookmark and four pin-back buttons.
  3. two pendant necklaces, one bookmark and one fuzzy pen.
  4. one pendant necklace, one fuzzy pen and three pin-back buttons.
  5. one fuzzy necklace, one pendant necklace, two pin-back buttons.
  6. two fuzzy necklaces, three pin-back buttons and one bookmark.

These items come in packs.
Random You can pick one of the options above and get random styles.
Gothic You can select a (fixed) gothic style for the package.
Girl Stuff This style is (fixed) for girls ages 3+
Guy Stuff This style is (fixed) for boys ages 3+
Notice: Fixed Styles are not to be customized. Only comes with items listed; no substitutions.