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Gift Box ~ $20 each

Each of the fallowing giftboxes come with these options:

  1. two pendant necklaces, two fuzzy pens, two pin-back buttons and one bookmark.
  2. one pendant necklace, two fuzzy pen, and five buttons.
  3. two pendant necklace, one fuzzy pen, two bookmarks and five pin-back buttons.
  4. three pendant necklaces, one bookmark and five pin-back buttons.
  5. three pendant necklaces, one bookmark and one fuzzy pen.
  6. two fuzzy necklaces, one pendant necklace and one fuzzy pen.
  7. one fuzzy necklace, two pendant necklaces, one fuzzy pen.
  8. One fuzzy necklace, one pendant necklace, one fuzzy pen and three pin-back buttons.

These items come in packs.
Random You can pick one of the options above and get random styles.
Gothic You can select a (fixed) gothic style for the package.
Girl Stuff This style is (fixed) for girls ages 3+
Guy Stuff This style is (fixed) for boys ages 3+
Notice: Fixed Styles are not to be customized. Only comes with items listed; no substitutions.