Sample UpDate 06/09/2014 update_06_09_2014@07_35_pm Continued.

UpDate text, information... what was updated? Anything new? Something important to tell people...
Great News! This Web Site Template Design is Online and avalible for download. That's pretty awesome, yeah?

Um... Yeah, this update is pretty short though,
on the front page you should keep it no more than 3/three lines long
because other wise one update will croud such a small box
- then preventing most visitors from reading past the latest update,
if reading any of it at all.

Hopefully you take notice to the format of how I linked the update... branding the the date and time after the word update...
Always keeping the word update first in the title of each html page will help make it easier to find past updates
and alter them if nessisary and linking them is a sinch!