Welcome to the home page of Dove Two,
the web site template design created by MCtheGirL.com

This site template, Dove Two, should be a good fit for any nature / bird lover. You might even use it as a web site for a bird watching group / meet up. Possibly a small poetry site or stories about freedom. Why not a health fact site about birds, examples: what bird feeders are safe for wild birds, how to identify the kind of bird from it's nest, were to place bird feeders to avoid cats, etc.

It comes with these six, pre-made icons for your person use with this template; please enjoy~
You can Download this web site template called, Dove Two at this location.

Here is what a bold word looks like, this is how an under lined section appears, while an itallic looks like that and are different from a link. Hopefully you'll enjoy the different colors, if not, change them yourself, just don't remove the credits for the original works used to create this template. A paragraph, for example, looks like this or the one near the top.