Welcome To About Me, Melissa

My Real Name

Hi there. Well I'm pretty sure you've asumed by now that my name is Melissa. I'd be lieing if I said other wise, but I do have nick-names that other people call me. One of them is MCtheGirL, that's my most popular one, or just M.C. I'm also known as Kalime Midoshi, Mike Sinoi, Melly Car, Simplify Sue LaWing, - but wait! Thoes are the name of my characters. No, I don't have a sercret identity or something like that. It'd be cool if I did, but I honestly don't. You can call me Melissa or Melly if you like, but please don't call me Shorty, because only my mom gets to call me that. If you do call me shorty, I might .. this is not a threat, but an actuall promiss I think I might possibly brake .. ether cry or start laughing like crazy.

Prmisses Form Trust

I believe that when someone makes a promiss, they should try their best to keep it. If someone brakes their ppromiss to me, after doing so five times, I find it hard to believe them for the next time. If brake a promiss, I feel sad and I worry that the person I made that promiss to, might not forgive me and will not belive me next time. A promiss forms trust in the lives of others and your self.

Fake Promiss

Not all promisses should be kept though. Like a joke-promiss, is something someone says for the moment as a joke.. Example: guy one, "If get to hyper, will you knock me out." guy two, "Tottaly." guy one, "Promiss?" guy two, "I promiss I'll knock ya out." Guy one gets really hyper, guy two does not knock out guy one, but he does clam him down to prevent guy one from bouncing off the walls. See what I mean, guy two make a joke-promiss. He basically promissed nothing, but he was there for his friend, guy one.

Minds Change

Eveyone has their mind made up at some point, but over and over again you tend to realize that even you change your maind. Sure you get older, so you taste buds change, so your favorite foods change. Just like what you want to do. If your mood changes, then wouldn't you possibly feel like changing what you're doing? If my friend told me that she wanted to go to the beach, but then later before we got in the car, she got cramps so she wanted to watch a movie instead. I think that's totally understanable. Maybe you were palning to go to the park with your best friend after school, but during school her boy friend broke up with her, maybe she's want to be alone or at least not cry in public. So you have a girls day and get your nails done together or something. I think that's reasonable.

This was about me

Sure, I was typing on the about me page, but I felt it was nessary to talk about promisses and how people change their minds for a moment. After all, I did joke-promiss to you in the begining about you possibly calling me shorty. So I'm a rambler, I talk alot and get off subject, that's just how I am.

What I Like

I like many things and do not hate much of anything. I'll tell you more, but I'd like to brake things up into sections, okay?

Anime Anyone?

One of the things I like a lot, is anime. Yes, basically all anime. I love kawaii anime. Action, Drama, SCI-FI, Mystery, all the good stuff. The ones I like the most would be Naruto Shippuden, Death Note, Skip-Beat, I-My-Me Strawberry Eggs, and more. Yep! I like anime a lot.

You Don't Watch TV?

I do watch tv sometimes. Oh, and just because I watch anime often does not mean I watch tv a lot, I don't. I watch anime online, and the tv... Well, if you have sisters or brothers, or relitives, even friends or someone lving with you, I'm sure you get how hard it can be to watch tv and the shows you want when they're on and stuff, ya? That's basically why I don't watch tv much at all.

What Kind Of Shows

I like some tv shows. Mostly NCIS and Burn Notice. I also like Special Victems Unit, Cold Case, Genorator Rex, ICarly, and some others.


Ya, sometimes I sleep a lot. Sometimes I barely sleep at all. There are times when I go about five days with out sleep, also times when I'll sleep for three days.


My friends are very important to me. Evern if I don't stand up for my self, at least I'm strong enough to stand up for others, yes, even complete strangers. I don't know why I do it and I don't know others think when I do it, but I don't really care. I only care that I try my best to help others, even if they seem hopeless and no one else has been able to help them, I feel I just have to do something about it. Like if a bully is picking on my friends, I stand up for my friends, but then later I try to help the bully feel better. I'm not 100% sure to why, I just do. It's kind of a habit. Well, one of the reason why is beacause I feel sorry for them, I'm very simpothetic.


I love animals a lot. I care about them, as individuals. They're like little people who can speack up for themselve, but no one ever seems to listen. I guess that's because most humans can't understand what the animals are saying, so I try my best to speack out for them at times of need. Animals are my friends, some are bullys and some are like little kids and have fits a lot, they are individuals.

So I'm sick

Ya, I've got this thing called fibromyalgiya. Sure, many people that have it live a pretty normal life. Well, I also have something that is dorment inside me. No, it's not contagious. It's just, its like Lupus or something similar, but it has the same end result. Death. No, the doctors don't know what it is yet. They can't treat me for it or figure out what it is because it's dorment. Dorment, meaning, its like sleeping inside me, so because it's sleeping, it can't hurt me. Though, on and off it does hurt me because it comes out of dormency on and off. It only last for about an hour, or sometimes it last for three days. During that time, I'm very sick. I can barely move and breathing is painful.


Because of this thing the doctors don't know much about, I get temporarly blind. Sometimes I can see shadows when this happens, but most of the time when it happens, everything goes white. It used to barely happen, like almost never. Though recently, it's been happening almost every day. It kind of sucks, but I deal with it.


I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. I just want to be treated like anyone else. Don't try to help me and do things for me constantly, because if you do I'll become lazy. I don't want to be lazy nor do I want to be over worked, but I like to keep busy. If you think or find out that at the time I'm temporarly blind, don't help me unless I ask for help. Why? Because I go through this stuff so often that I know what to do. I can take care of my self, I'm not a baby. Even some children can care for them selves, so can I. Sure, I may need help and you can offer it. I like when people are nice to me like that, but please don't just jump up and do it for me or anything like that.

Make Up

I'm not supposed to wear make up because of my alergies, but even though, I take some alergy meds then I I wear make up for videos or nice pictures. Sometimes I wear make up to look freaky, wired, like a pop star, or even a dead girl. I mostly wear make up for videos and creative pictures. I'm not one to wear make up often. I don't like how it feels on my skin, it makes me ichy.