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  • There once was a girl who believed
    in the world of magic and wished
    to one day be free, just like a butterfly.
    Having no wings, she turned to comic books...
    knowing she was human, unlike superman...
    she tried using magic. Simply with a wish
    - in her dreams - she could fly.
    Once she awoken, the dream was gone.
    One night came where the girl could not dream. Again and again, the girl failed dream and they thought her freedom had been taken successfully.
    Instead, this girl took upon science and molded such things to make her imagination become reality.
    No one, not even that girl herself, fully understands the method to her so called science. That's why it's called magic!
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    M.C's Sections has so much stuff that it can't be simply one site. There for I've decided to split it up into sections; using sub domains and other file paths has made this more simplified.


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