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08/29/2018 @6:20am

New Design? YES!
Was In The Works!
Now For The Ending Of
This Year 2018!!1
Don't Stress, You Can
Still View The Old
Entrance With Stuff
By Clicking Below

Fixing Old Links
& Other Stuff~

05/24/2017 @7:20pm

Any Advice..???
Check the link below..
Also... the sub link

04/20/2017 @11:20pm

Migraine Be Gone!
No, they're not gone
though, I have a new
doctor who is trying
a different way. So, I
am hoping that I can
be online more often.

03/31/2017 @4am

Happy B-Day Heather!
Shout out to an old friend.
I have no idea what's true
or if you are feeling blue
either way, I wish for you
to enjoy all that's new.

03/23/2017 @7pm

I Am Alive, OK?
If someone told you I
died, that is true
though, Doctors made my
heart and lungs work.
I am Alive Again.

10/13/2016 @9:47pm

Heart Attack & Coma?!
Been gone a long time
sorry for being dead :/
Long story short-
I had pneumonia for
a long time. Turned out
having blood clots in
both lungs and legs.
I recall going to sleep...
I've been tolds that's when
my lungs collapsed and
a heart attack killed me.
Brought Back to Life
and then put into a
drug induced coma
by doctors... -Yeah~
I'm awake & Alive now.

01/08/2015 @4:40am

Simple Site!
Enjoy the New Simple
Site style or go back
and view what was...

01/08/2015 @4:30am

Massive UpDate!
Losts of things have
been altered, online
and offline.

12/30/2015 @2pm

Nerves and blah-
A lot is happening
medically, in my life.

11/20/2015 @5:30am

Surgery, again?
Flesh mending...?

10/22/2015 @2pm

UpDated Poetry

09/14/2015 @9am

Ankle Surgery
Fixing the bones...

09/10/2015 @11pm

Updated icons

08/25/2015 @10:30am

Nerve Block Shots
Needles in my neck...

08/07/2015 @2pm

UpDated Stories
Behind the seense mostly.

07/01/2015 @2pm

Behind the Seenes
Stuff is happening...

06/09/2015 @8:30am

New Wallpapers!
More Have Been Added.

Behind The SeenseUpDating
Security, Legal Docs, Catolog
[New: Graphics, Jewelry,
Web Templates, etc.]

03/22/2015 @8:20pm

Lyrics Added!
New Ablum under 'Life'
called, Lives Lived.

02/21/2015 @10:08pm

NEW Guinea Pig Icons!

02/21/2015 @10:07pm

Icons Added! Flowers!

02/21/2015 @10:05pm

Icons Added! Coffee!

02/15/2015 @5:03am

M.C's Designs Updated!

02/15/2015 @4:55am

New Web Template
Design Dove Three
Is Now in a Zip file
and is free for download.

02/15/2015 @4:04am

On Display ONLY
Lady Bug~Spiral Notebook
web site template design,
created by MCtheGirL
for Shannon Carlisle.

02/15/2015 @3:40am

New Template Design!
Ocean Undet the Sky
is now on display.

02/15/2015 @3:30am

Updated Links
Links on side bar
have been updated.

02/12/2015 @6:45am

New Designs 2015
Beyond the Yard
& Haunting Snow
NEW Template Designs
are available for viewing.

02/13/2015 @10:20pm

Designs UpDated
M.C's Designs Site
has been ALTERED
and re-designed

12/20/2014 @10:15am

Templates On Display
Cloud Girl, Dove One,
Dove Two, Cool Girls,
Have been Fixed!

10/29/2014 @4:35am

Poetry Site UpDated!
More iCon~Poetry has
been added to the colection

10/27/2014 @8:10am

Lyrics Site UpDated
A few changes to layout
and alterations to pages

10/27/2014 @5:50pm

Lyric Albums UpDated
New Songs Added to
Albums (Burning Life)
& (Alive) Now Public.

10/24/2014 @7:10pm

New Jewelry Design
Jewelry, KeyChain Charm

10/22/2014 @2:11pm

More icons Added!
Sections: Flowers & Random

10/17/2014 @12:15pm

Lyrics UpDated
Album Pages Have Been
UpDated With Links To
Lyrics With In Albums

10/17/2014 @12:10pm

Burning Life Lyrics
More Songs Added To
Burning Life Album

10/17/2014 @12:08pm

More Lyrics!
New Songs On Display
In The Album Alive~

10/08/2014 @1:26am

Desktop Wallpapers!
Halloween Desktop
Wallpapers Have Been
Added To The Site!

09/209/2014 @7:20pm

WallPapers UpDated!
More Desktop Backgrounds
Have Been Added To
M.C's WallPapers

09/20/2014 @3am

New Button Designs!
Skull Pin-Back-Buttons
That Glow-In-The-Dark
for Halloween Fun

05/15/2014 @4:15am

CodaMe Page UpDated!
The CodaMe Projects
Page Has Been UpDated.

05/15/2014 @4:10am

Map Page Updated!
Visitors From Around
The World Map Page
Has Been Changed.

05/14/2014 @2:05am

Icons Section UpDated!
Section Has Been
Redesigned With A
Black/White/Gray Look
and More Icons Added

05/10/2014 @6:38pm

FIXED Contact Settings
Updated and Fixed PHP
So Message Goes Threw

05/082014 @8:55am

UpDated Site Wide RULES

05/08/2014 @845am

UpDated Welcome Page

05/04/2014 @5:04pm

Added New Icons!
Eyes, butterflies and
fairy space magic?

04/19/2014 @2:20am

M.C's Videos! Finally~

04/14/2014 @1:15am

M.C's Clock Designs!
Are Now Online & Are
Free To Embed / Use
On Your Site / Porfile.

04/10/2014 @2am

M.C's Little Messages
Design Has Been Altered
On the index page, Corners
Have Been Rounded and
Graphics Have Been Added.

04/09/2014 @8:58pm

Contact Page UpDated!
More Ways of Contacting
MCtheGirL are now Up!

04/09/2014 @6:55pm

Updates Altered!
The time of updates
has now been changed
from Pacific Time to
Standard Central Time
in North America USA.
All Updates after this
Will Be of the Changed.

03/31/2014 @11:10pm

Icon Site Is Now Up!

03/31/2013 @5:30pm

Added New Icons!
Seven/7 New Icons Added
To M.C's Data List :)

03/11/2013 8:12pm

Activity Where?!?
Just A Reminder, if you want
to know What's New- M
ore Updates Can Be Found
On M.C's Data List
On The "MEDIA" Page

03/10/2013 1:20am

Long Live The Queen
New Icon Made

03/07/2014 @9:29pm

Contact Page Altered

02/26/2014 @ 5pm

The Linkers Are Back!
It's been a while sense
and now they're back!

02/06/2014 @7m

100 Likes on FaceBook!?!
Thank You for the 100 Likes!
Photo on FaceBook

02/04/2014 @8:30pm

New Song Lyrics
Song Tile: It's Fine, Just Go!
Listed Under Collection Life
Album: Burning Life

01/27/2014 @9pm

Wallpaper Designs
Made For FaceTheWEB

01/05/2014 @10pm

FaceTheWEB Created!
Also On facebook

01/02/2014 @ 5pm

New Icons Made
Icons for FaceTheWEB

12/30/2013 @1am

Altered Navigation
Fixed Up Navigation Menu
on Main Page of MCtheGirL

12/29/2013 @11:55pm

Blue Sugar Water
Fixed up the Splash Page

12/29/2013 @10pm

Uploaded Graphics
Added More Graphics To
M.C's DataBase...
Just Use the Search!!

12/14/2013 @10pm

Emily's Trinkets
Making Jewelry for
An Online Store where
Every Item is $5 or Less.

12/06/2013 @2am

PlugBoard On Site!
There is Now A Way To
Share Your Site With
Visitors and MCtheGirL
For Free Use Only.

12/06/2013 @1am

Like, Tweet, Share!
Added A Bouble Bar
at the bottom left
cornner of site.

11/30/2013 @10pm

Icons Display
The Design Section for
Graphics is being changed
New Icons Page All In One

11/26/2013 @8:34pm

Joined Challange
I got a challange for
pretty much anyone to join
Contest Rules & info here.
I've also joined a
Challange of Ka moon DNA
My Entry is:

11/20/2013 @10:50am

The Holidays Are Coming!
So I've got a Contest for
anyone to join! Will You Win?
Rules and Information at:

11/08/2013 @9:40pm

HELP Wanted! (Basic)HTML
Know Wordpress or Webs?
Community Admins Needed.
Apply for a staff position!
Thank you for reading!

11/08/2013 @9:35pm

Credits UpDated!
If you're not linked
and you know you should
be, or the info is wrong,
please notify me.

11/08/2013 @9pm

Graphics + Code?
Icons and Wallpapers!

10/26/2013 @ 5:12pm

Rules of Contact
Information and Rules
For Contacting MCtheGirL
Has Been UpDated.

09/16/2013 @1:20am

Graphic Designs+Codes?!
There will soon be images
such as icons, banners,
buttons, etc.
There will be codes you
can use for drop down menus,
animated buttons and more.
This will be the gift
from for
Halloween, Thanksgiving
and Christmas. Hugs!

09/16/2013 @1:10am

So... I'm in Texas??
Yep! Texas. Why Texas?
Not really sure! Honestly!
Everyone here keeps asking me,
"Moved From California to Texas?!"
and my reply, "Yeah, that's right."
People in Texas, "WHY?!?!"
Me, "Because I could..?"
Do I need an other reason?
Ok then! One Word. Tax!

08/20/2013 @4:40pm

Contact Page UpDated!
There is now a simple
guestbook to use for
pretty much any thing
When it comes to
Contacting M.C.

08/08/2013 @5:55am

StylusWay WebRing
Has been Added!!
Is Now Embeded On To:
MCtheGirL's Web Site!
Bottom, Right Hand Corner.
Get WebRing Code At:

08/08/2013 @5:45am

CS3 Animation? >_<
As you can see by viewing
my web site,
I'm learning CSS3 Animation ^_^

08/08/2013 @5:32am

UpDates Gone Wild?!
The Key To Life Is Simple?

No, not exactly..
I've been busy packing.
Moving to texas..
I think O.o? ..Packing..
and baby sitting.. Yay!~
No Me time what so ever!
Missing all my friends..

08/07/2013 @11:34pm

StylusWay Is Online!
A New Web Ring Is
Finally Here! All About
Art & Simply Being You!

08/02/2013 @3am

M.C's Online Network!
Is being completely redesigned
Not Just The Look, though
also the way of navigation
and a whole lot more.

06/11/2013 @7:48pm

M.C's Lyrics +UpDated
The Background of
M.C's Lyrics (sub site)
Has been changed
and Navigation
Has Been Updated.

06/11/2013 @6:55pm

More Lyrics!! NEW!!
New Song(s) Added To
M.C's Lyrics (Sub Site)
Bleached Skull Lies.
After War.
Happy Just To Be Aive.
Don't Stay Mad.

06/09/2013 @4:03pm

New Sub Site Update
M.C's HTML & CSS Help
Web Site Has Been UpDated,
Remade, and is now (PUBLIC)!

06/07/2013 @8pm

Affiliate List UpDated

05/31/2013 @6pm

Surgery Successful
I am in pain and need rest
That Is All-

05/31/2013 @5:30am

Surgery?!! Gallstones?
Yeah- I'm having surgery,
So I wont be able to
Respond 24/7 for supprt.
Sorry about that.
I'm Not Having the
Surgery Today,
Though, I am in bad pain.

05/31/2013 @5:20am

Afiliates Page UpDated!
The Afiliates Page Design,
Has Been Changed a bit.

05/17/2013 @4am

Cell Site Open!
The Alternative Version
of for
tablets/ipads is up!

05/15/2013 @1:45am

Store Is Open!!
So, the store is finally
open to the public to buy
items like ellectronics,
jewelry, toys, etc.
M.C's Online Store

01/02/2013 @5:48am

Affiliates Being Listed
If you would like to be
listed as an affiliate,
please say so by posting
in the guestbook: your name,
the name of your web site,
the url/link/address of ,
your site, and say that
you would like to be an
affiliate. To be an affiliate,
you must link back to
Sign The Guest Book

01/02/2013 @5:30am

Sorry For Not Posting
I haven't been updating
the updates, mostly because
things were not yet to be
made public. Working behind
the sense for a while now.
Still that doesn't doge the
fact that there were some
major events I did not
post here, though I did
on facebook. For those of
you who don't know:

01/01/2012 @6:55am

Site Design Changed
A new design was crated
with a sun set and a face.
For easy navigation and
simplicity. Please Enjoy!

11/02/2011 @3:00pm

New Story Posted!
Nothing's Perfect,
But You Live Life On

11/01/2011 @8:00pm

Please Take Notice
There Have Been UpDates
For MC's Widgets and
MC's Downloads for you.

11/01/2011 @7:20pm

I Am Really Sorry
I am been doing a whole
bunch of stuff and haven't
been posting updates here.
For that, I am sorry.

11/01/2011 @7:00pm

Random Contest Winners
James and Amanda Won!

06/01/2011 @4:52am

Kakimi Digital's Album
Kakimi's Music Is Now Up!

05/17/2011 @ 5:22am

New Stuff On Main Page
Our Face Book News Feed
Is Now On The Main Page!
MC's UpDates, Is Also
Now On The Home Page!

05/15/2011 @2:12am

Important Update
MC's Terms Of Use,
MC's Terms Of Service,
And MC's Rules
Have Been Updated,
It Is Your
To Read Such
Important Information
Terms Of Use
Terms Of Service
MC's Rules

05/02/2011 @5:55am
Has Been Re-Made!
You Can Now Choose
To View The Web Site
With Or With Out Flash!

04/09/2011 @ 5:40pm

Web Site UpDated!
Most Broken Links
Have Been Fixed
This Web Site Is
Still Under Construction

04/01/2011 @ 1:01pm

Site Updated
Layout Centered

03/35/2011 @9:22pm

New Site Design
MC's New Style 17 Is Up

03/21/2011 @11:35pm

MC's Poetry Site!
MC's Poetry Is Now Up!

03/16/2011 @11:50pm

Site Style UpDated!
The Site Has New Buttons
And A New Animated Banner,
Please Enjoy! -MCtheGirL

03/14/2011 @7:20pm

MC's Member's Area
You Can Now Access The
Front Page Of:
MC's Member's Area
So That You Can Join
With out Invitation

03/14/2011 @6:30pm

You Are Invited!
You Can Come To
My Online Or Offline
Birth Day Party

03/12/2011 @8:35pm

Notice This Please
There Will Be Links
Located At The Very
Bottom of This Site
Linking To Other Sites
In A Week Or So,
If You Want Your Link
Showing On My Site,
Please Tell Me In My
Guest Book Which You
Can Find A Link To
On My Main Site
To The Far Right Side
Your Site Must Be
Viewable For People
Under The Age Of 13
Thank you For Reading!

03/12/2011 @8:30pm

New Style Is Up!
The New Style Is Here
And Most Likely Is Here
To Stay For Some Time

03/01/2011 @12:30am

New Site Design!
Please Enjoy The New
Site Style Design #14!

02/25/2011 @10:50pm

New Story Up!
My Life As An
Average Teenager,
The Story Is Up!

02/25/2011 @6:20am

The Simple MusicBox
Has been Added To

02/25/2011 @5:40am

New Site Style
The Style Is Now Simple
And Easy To Navigate
Through Out The Site :)

02/24/2011 @7:00pm

Under Construction went
Under Construction

02/22/211 @10:00pm

Hospital, Again!
MCtheGirL was in
the hospital For The Same
Reason As Before

02/21/211 @10:00pm

Hospital Run!
MCtheGirL was in
the hospital
For Stabbing Pain
In The Back of
Her Neck and Head

02/15/2011 @1:30am

MC's Lyrics!
MC's Lyrics Web Site
Has Finally Been Remade

02/04/2011 @7:30pm

New Site Style!
MC Has The New Site Style
Finally, Number 11 Is Here!

01/27/2011 @3:50am

MC's Stories ReMade!
Some Of The Stories
Now Have Images For
People To Look At
The Layout Is Now
Longer And Flows Out

01/22/2011 @4:30am

New Site Style10!
Style10 Is Now The
Main Layout for

01/20/2011 @7:50pm

New Style Up!

01/20/2011 @ 11:43am

Stories UpDated!
MC's Stories Have Been
UpDated For Everyone To Read

01/20/2011 @10:35am

Get Free HTML Help

01/16/2011 @3:40AM

We Have A Footer! Now Has
A Footer Which You May
Use As A Way Of Navigation

01/16/2011 @3:20AM

Poetry Is Back!
MCtheGirL Has Re-Linked
Some Of Her Old Poetry

01/16/2011 @3:00AM

Free Cursors!
MC's Cursors Are Now
Up For Your Personal Use

01/11/2011 @9:17PM

Info Site UpDated
The Information Site
Has Been UpDated

01/05/2011 @2:00AM

Marie's Background Tiles

The Site Is Now Up!

01/01/2011 @7:20pm

New Site Styles!!!
Are Now Up For
The New Year!

12/28/2010 @11:48am

Terms Of Use
Have Been Changed

12/28/2010 @11:40am

Chat Is Back!
The Chat Is No At

12/26/2010 @5:38am

New Home Page Lay Out!
The Look And Feel Of
The Site Is Now More
Clean And Easier To
Navigate Around

12/24/2010 @3:25am

New Site Section!
Please Visit:
To Get Information
And FAQ's Answered

12/21/2010 @2:00am

Official Announcement
I Will Not Be UpDating Until
One Week After Christmas.
I Believe That Christmas
Is The Time To Spend With
Family, Not Work.
This Is Why. -MC

12/21/2010 @1:30am

Style 5 Is Now Up!

12/16/2010 @5:58am

New Site Style
Style 4 Is Now Up!

12/16/2010 @2:47am

Site UpDated! Now Has
Front Page For
Safety Reasons

12/16/2010 @1:37am

Side Site UpDated!
Has Been UpDated
Has More New Photos
Has Been Added

12/06/2010 @9:37pm

New mcCreateBag!
mcCreate, the copyright of
MCtheGirL, now has a new
Color Changing Bag!

12/06/2010 @9:23pm

New Style!
Style3 Is Now Currently
The Main Index Style
I Hope You Enjoy The
New Years Theme: Style3!

11/04/2010 @9pm

New Site Style
You've Already Seen Style1
Now Check Out Style2!

11/23/2010 @ 12:18am

Site Remake!
Has Been Re-Made!
There Is Now More
Information Then
There Was Before!

11/16/2010 @1:45am

New Pages
I've Added Some
New And Helpful
Pages To My Site.


Big UpDate
The Site Has A New
Look With Lots Of
Information On the
Main Page For All
The Visitors
And Quick Links
For Members To Use


MC's Music
The MC's Music
Web Site
Is Now Up
And Running!
The First Page
You'll See
Is To Prevent
From Stealing
My Work


Cover Site Gone
The Cover Site is
off the front page.
You may still view
the cover site at

10/19/2010 @2:03am

Random Music Player
In the Browser
and the
Stand Alone App,
both have been reset.

10/19/2010 @12:57am

Site has been updated.
We have two
new members!

10/18/2010 @2:24am

The Sister Site?

10/17/2010 @5:39am

Flash Is Active
There is now a
flash Cover Site.
Please keep in
mind the link
to the real site,
which is

10/13/2010 @3:01am

New Cover Site
The New Cover site
is better than
the old one and has
a lot more stuff.
There is also
a front page,
with a voting
poll on it.
The front page
explains its self.

10/04/2010 @6:27am

Style Change
The colors on this
site have changed.
There is no
other difference.

9/31/2010 @8:50pm

Cover Site Translated!
The cover site
can now be
translated from
English to
Spanish and Japanese.
Please under stand
that the translation
was done using
and that
some translations
may be in accurate.

9/27/2010 @2:35am

Profiles Updated?
MySpace Profile,
and Twitter
has been updated.

9/27/2010 @ 2:11am

Play Chibbi
has been created.
You can play with
MCtheGirL Chibbi style!
Still adding things!
More To Come!

9/17/2010 @7:07am

Cover Site now
has a cover site.
The Cover Site Helps
Prevent Un
authorized bots
from crawling the site.
It also gives new
visitors a general
idea about this site,
with out all the
designs to load
and having to
go through a
massive amount
of links.
The Real Site
can be found at:

09/13/2010 @ 11pm

New Styles!
1. GirlyCute

2. DarkNight

Both require FLASH
to be enabled
on your computer.
Check them out
in the Color
Style Changer in
the Side Bar!

09/13/2010 @ 5am

1. You can now
change the color
and style of the
site in the toolbar
on the left.
2. There is now a
ToolBar on the
side of the
web site to the left.

3. You have the
to have
the toolbar s
howing or not
4. The site is
still under
behind the sense.

5. There navigation
is bar at the
top has more links.

6. Broken Link
for MelissaWorks
in topbar has
been fixed.

7. The ChickiGame
has been added.
(read rules and
about section
below game)
Note:*The Girlie
Site Style is
still available.
Click Here.


There is now
a visitor Page!
You can leave
your mark on my site :)


You can listen to music
and click on different
links with out having
to restart the
songs playing!


You can now change the
style of the
web site your self!
Please understand that
there are only
three color-styles to
choose from right now.


For Web Help,
Animal Information
& More, visit:

9/03/2010 has been
updated with a new layout!
Finally, back to the
old solid colors :)
The Navigation is
even more simpler than before.

8/20/2010 became
pink and kawaii like.
It was much to girlie,
even for me.
Yes I am a girl! :)