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I've got lots of different templates you can use for your web site
and desktop backgrounds, web site and profile backgrounds too.
I've written some poetry, quite a few stories and lots of lyrics
and I've posted them all up for you and your friends to read!
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Then you'll get to watch anime online line for free XD
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To Start Up A Web Site

Please pick the main colors of your web site, for example: Black, Red, and White.

Pick a theme for me to fallow, for example: Halloween, The Ocean, Beach, Anime/Kawaii, Hamsters.

Please pick a title for your web site, for example: MC's Pets, MC's Lyrics, MC's Stories.

Please write down as many details as you can think of so that the design will be to your liking.

Web Site Design Pricing:
The average web site design is $50.00 (includes design photos and files),
a personal web site blog/online profile is $75.00(includes photos, files and host for one page),
a web site design for music/bands is $100.00(includes photos, files and host for six pages),
and a business design cost $200.00(includes photos, files and host for ten pages)

To Maintain A Web Site

Web Hosting:
Music Band Web Site Hosting Cost $10 a month.
Personal Web Site Hosting Cost $5.00 a month.
Business Web Site Hosting Cost $15.00 a month

Web Site Domain:
.com, .net, .co, .info, .org, .us, .biz, .mobi, & .me
Are all about $35.00 for one year or $60.00 for two years.
Pricing may be more or less depending on the domain name.

Sub Domain's For Rent!

Only $2.00 A Month!

These Subdomains are not hosts, they simply forward visitors to your web site.

YourName.MCtheGirL.com (and/or) MCtheGirL.com/subdomain/mcthegirl/yourname
YourName.GrayWish.com (and/or) MCtheGirL.com/subdomain/graywish/yourname
YourName.VampireMaiden.com (and/or) MCtheGirL.com/subdomain/vampiremaiden/yourname

You can totally find random factas about animals and computers all over the place, but you have to be looking for them ;)